Should schools use money on proprietary software?

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  • There Is Plenty of Existing Software For School to Use

    Schools do not need proprietary software, there is plenty of existing software for schools to use, and using software that is commonly used in the real world is more educationally valuable for students anyway. Students will be required to use common software in the adult world, not a school's proprietary software, so using proprietary school software is not good preparation for the workforce.

  • Free software does the same thing.

    There are many types of software currently, and our schools as focusing on money using software such as Microsoft windows and office. They could be using completely free software like Ubuntu, Linux and also suites such as Libreoffice. These schools, when they buy computers, spend about $150 on each computer. They even spend about 800 dollars on good copies of Photoshop instead of something like GIMP. Some people complain about these free softwares being less advanced, but the makers do not receive the support they deserve and are trying hard and can make products rivaling the other software with a lot less funds. This will save our schools thousands of dollars if they switch to the free software.

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