• They should stay open, but be more closely monitored and have better teaches.

    If schools are getting low test scores, the answer is not to close them. Often these schools are in the inner cities. They have a hard time hiring good teachers. My aunt teaches in the inner cities(she could get another job, but she chooses to stay because she wants help the kids there) and she says a few of the TEACHERS do drugs. What these schools need is someone to hire better teaches. Perhaps the state give the teachers there a higher salary(the teachers don’t get paid as much as the teachers do in richer areas) and oversee the hiring process to make sure better teachers get hired.

  • Yes they Should

    I mean they should obviously stay open if the test scores are low. They just need a better plan on how they treat their kids, maybe if the students are bad the teachers should be mean. It only evens out the way the students are acting. They just need to enforce their rules and make sure the students are studying and doing their work.

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