Should schools worry less about major sports (ex. football)?

Asked by: RKC2001
  • Focus on activities that are exceeding.

    Schools should focus their attention and funding on activities that are excelling. Activities that are not sports should be no exception. I was in the Drumline in high school and we had to pay our way for EVERYTHING, even though we competed and never got worse than 4th place out of 10 groups. We got no funding from the school, that all went to our football team, which never had a better record than 4-8. It seems fair to fund the activities that are not doing well and ignore the ones that are excelling.

  • Sports are not more important!

    Many schools put greater emphasis on POPULAR sports such as football, baseball, volleyball, and cheer-leading more an any other extra-curricular activities. While the sports do provide many health benefits, other activities and clubs provide equally good, if different benefits. The fact that a school refuses to give money to a student group since they aren't a "main sport" is ridiculous. Students that prefer sports aren't more important. Worry less about major league sports (looking at sports fanatic parents who petition schools) and more about other activities and interests that students could be developing.

  • It would be nice if they paid more attention to other activities...

    Now, I don't mind if people have school spirit and partake in sports. I don't mind if the school praises said people. However, I do have a problem with things like football and baseball being considered more worthy of attention than things like journalism and debate. Those kids work just as hard at what they do, and deserve just as much recognition. By giving them less attention, we're telling them 'oh, what you do is ok, but not really important'. I want there to be a balance at schools. Artists attending school should be patted on the back for going to state with an amazing painting, as should debate kids that come back with trophies from competitions they won. And yes, football stars should get praise too. So either schools should pay less attention to major sports, or pay that same amount of attention to all other activities.

  • Art matters too!

    The arts are essential in understanding the world around you, and the arts work the left side of your brain doing the arts gives you better grades in school. Sports are temporary and not reliable we should give them what they've earned not what the school gets back btw art programs would get more back for the school if you would invest more in them.

  • What Are We in School For?

    Although getting a good amount of exercise is important to our bodies, worrying about after school sports is not all that important. I have a little brother who plays every sport he can! But his grades drop because he does not worry about his education. In other words, he has no time to do his homework, etc. Because be has all of these sport events going on. Today, we are ranked about 25th in Math and 17th in science. This could improve if we take some time out of sport practices and use that for EDUCATION. I am a high schooler and all around the school, kids a not taking school much seriously anymore! If we make time to do these things, maybe we would do better in many other subjects. I do play sports, and I admit that volleyball and basketball get in the way of my education. I forget about assignments and get poor grades. That is how a teenager is! But if we all just stand around and do nothing about this, it is going to be like a weed and get even worse.

  • Sports are great and keep kids in school.

    Sports are a part of learning. I do think they should have to keep their grades up to play sports or chess club for that matter. Sports keep kids in good shape and build self confidence. Those are very good things to learn. Team sports teach teamwork and that is very important for working on a job.

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