• Yes, science and faith should work togehter.

    It's common for scientists to claim that there is not any solid proof for god. It does happen that many admit they would change their views if a shred of evidence was found. If science and faith were to work together to look for the facts, then we could achieve more than each on their own. As we continue to delve into the quantum world, there's plenty we still need to understand.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe science and faith should work together. I have enjoyed reading books that mix the topics and the Dalai Lama has released one that even tries to draw lines between Buddhism and scientific fact. I believe faiths should try to do this more, rather than staunchly support what was written in a book long ago.

  • Sciece is science and Faith is faith

    Science is based on evidence. Religion is based on belief. The habits of thought of the scientist are not similar to the habits of thought of the clergyman. The idea of cohesion between science and religion may be appealing, but in practice such a practice will forever remain a dream.

  • Science is counter intuitive to faith.

    The correlation between science and space tends to be inverse. As the understanding of science grows, faith deteriorates. There is good reason for this. In philosophical communities, God tends to be a substitute for demonstrable data that emerges from experimentation. For this reason, it is difficult to imagine science and faith working together for a common goal, as it seems that as belief in science grows, belief in God disintegrates.

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