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  • Science and religion should be treated as separate entities

    People often interchange the purposes of both science and religion and let one another interfere.
    This inhibits the understanding of both. Many ideas seem to overlap but to truly gain knowledge, open mindedness is necessary and so setting aside all prejudices is the way forward. Both science and religion should be taught in schools but as completely separate subjects. Schools provide a fountain of tools necessary for knowledge and opinions therefore both are valid. Science is studying the natural world while religion has different implications and should be thought in a spiritual/theological manner

  • Some Christians say that the two match but...

    It is like the Christians who only go to church on easter and Christmas, they pick at the pieces they want and just ignore going every sunday. Some people pick at the parts of science that coincide with religion, and ignore the ones that contradict and say "God placed those their to test our faith" or some other load of crap.

  • They are two totally different thought Processes

    To begin with: science 1.a. The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. b. Such activities restricted to a class of natural phenomena.
    religion 1.a. Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe. b. A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.
    Now if you notice by definition one deals with, only natural, and the other with supernatural. Science looks for answers to what we don’t know, while religion looks for the answers to what it claims to already know. So armed with this knowledge the answer is obviously NO. have a nice day.

  • Science and religion are two separate beliefs these days.

    Science seems to be disproving religious facts every day, therefore science and religion should be separate. Decades ago evolution wasn't even allowed to be taught in our schools. Since Darwin's theory was introduced into the classrooms Christians have been arguing the truth to their teachings. These two views have never agreed, so why start now?

  • Science and religion are two separate things.

    Religion and science cover completely different spheres of human existence. Science explores the ways in which natural things interact with each other and us, while religion explores the way the supernatural interacts with each other and us.

    That's a very broad, rather simplistic way to put it, but it's still mostly the truth. They just cover completely different spheres of the human experience, and they should be kept separate.

  • No, a lot of science correlates with the Bible

    In the first chapter of Genesis, when it tells about how God created the Earth, it actually follows closely to what science has discovered about how the earth was formed. It explains how the oceans were formed, and that there was no life on land at first, and that human life came last.

  • No, because they are the same thing.

    Science and religion are the same thing. If one believes in God, then one would believe that intelligence and the ability to understand science, is also God given. But should religion be taught in school? No, because there is no agreement on what that is, between two people, and should not be forced. But I don't think that science and religion are separate things.

  • Science and religion can be harmonious if we come to a better understanding.

    Many people who are religious often disregard anything scientific but if science and religion were taught together instead of being separate, many on both sides would see how closely related the two are. Those who disregard religion could see the science in religion. If one does research, for instance, on the Garden of Eden, which is where the Bible says that Man was first created, they can see that through science, it has been found. The Bible states that we should go out and share God's word. How else can some be persuaded other than by showing scientific proof that some of these things in the Bible are true and can be proven? Although no one has come back from the dead and said they have seen the face of God (and even if they did, they would probably be committed to a psychiatric ward) the Bible can be proven to be true through scientific means.

  • I don't think the argument is science and religion more science and spirituality.

    I don't think the argument is science and religion more science and spirituality. The word religion is to exclusive i identify as an atheist as i do not follow any religion but i am a highly spiritual person. I do believe science only knows approximately 4% according to a statistic i was told. I do not think that is nearly enough to rule out the chance of spiritual things being real such as the law of the universe aka the law of attraction. Witch is the only conclusion quantum physics has been able to come up with to explain the illogical results from there experiments. It is not yet proven but i fell it is important to consider this spiritual theory in scince

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