• Yes, science allows humans to define the world around them-- so why not themselves?

    Human beings have long been fascinated by the bigger questions in life: Who are we? What are we? Where do we come from? Man began to study his surroundings in an attempt to find the answers to those questions, and also to define and give meaning to his world. In the same way, man has since utilized introspection to study what lies inside the human body and mind to define and give meaning to personal existence. By combining the study of mankind's exterior and interior characteristics, it is possible for scientists to draw conclusions about the origin of the human species, as well as define certain subsets based on cultural and physiological differences. These subcategories are what we call "races" and help take us one step closer to answering those big life questions. Moreover, they provide insight on how genes interact, how humans evolve and change as a species, and how we might look in the future.

  • Science often can define race.

    Science can identify race to an extent, so it isn't really a matter if it should be able to, it can. It is a natural part of science. We identify different types of birds, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it or that one bird is better. It is just a means of identification. You couldn't preserve cultures without racial identification.

  • Yes, if they don't who will?

    Science is the only place to do this. There are not only cultural issues to consider here, but real genetics at work. The genetics of the various races are different and need to be taken into consideration. It is the only true way to understand our differences. Genetic research has come a long ways in understanding the human gnome and the more science progresses the greater chance of helping find cures for many, many issues.

  • Yes, it should.

    Science is the only method we have to define absolute truths and facts, and it is how we really gain our knowledge. If there is difference in races among human beings, science is well within its rights to define them. Luckily, science already discovered that there is only one race.

  • Obvious Differences Persist

    I believe science should be able to define a race of human beings. I believe we are looking at a shift in perspective where it is more likely that humans progressed in many different parts of the planet and then migrated. I think we will find that the out of Africa theory is incorrect. For this reason, there are differences between different races, however, in the future I think we will intermingle to the point that we are actually all one.

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