Should science be able to determine which genetic traits should be present in a master race of human beings?

  • Yes, I believe science should be able to determine which generic traits should be present in a master race of humans.

    I believe eliminating genes that are known to cause certain negative factors such as diseases or homicidal thoughts would fine for science to eliminate, I would be wary of scientists determining every trait in a human because then we wouldn't get the unique personalities and characters that we have today.

  • No science should not reseaching traits for a "master race" of human beings.

    The scientific community should not become involved in ANY program where the stated goal is to develop a master race of human beings. Human life should not be engineered to develop specific genetic traits. Mapping genetic traits for the improvement of medical care is acceptable, but for the purpose of developing a "master race" is not.

  • No, there is no objectively correct way to do this

    While it is undeniable that some genetic traits are more desirable than others, the idea of using genetic engineering to create a master race of humans should scare all right-thinking people. The fact is that it would be almost impossible to even create a universally agreed-upon list of desirable and undesirable traits. In addition to this, our views on what genetic traits are desirable change frequently. Consider, for example, our standards of attractiveness. Many traits that are considered attractive now would not have been thought so years ago. Scientists should not tamper with the natural course of human development and evolution.

  • Do not like the term master race

    The question makes the whole thing sound shady. It sounds like they are going to create a bunch of super people, that makes the rest of us obsolete. Which takes the human aspect out of things. It makes us sound like human robots and that our leaders don't see us for who we are. That being said, no, science should not be able to determine such things.

  • Perfection, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    If scientist were allowed to choose what is genetically present in a master race, they would choose traits they prefer. Other people might think different traits are necessary to make a perfect human. The idea of perfect humans varies from person to person. We should let evolution determine what genes are necessary for us through natural selection.

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