• Yes, But not all science should be banned.

    Science has been both beneficial and disastrous. We would be living in the stone age without science. But science has done disastrous things for our people. Increasing life expectancy, Destruction of cultural values, And modern technology are the worst things science has done for us. We are spending trillions on Africa to help them survive when the fact of the matter is they're all dumb and stupid and should be helping themselves if they deserve to live.

  • Obviously! It will be so much easier to lie to people if we outlaw the methodology that discovers the truth.

    Science is the method by which humans attempt to understand the world around them. When somebody observes something in the world around them, And them ponders "why did that happen? " or "how does that work? ", They may form a hypothesis that may explain what they had observed, And then fcreate repeatable experiments that others can use to test the hypothesis and everyone can see if the hypothesis stands up to repeatable testing and observation of the results.

    If we eliminate this methodology by outlawing it, We'll make it impossible for people to discover the truth of the world around us.
    Think of the benefits:

    1. We can make up any BS we like, E. G. "The world was created by Puff the Magic Dragon 100 years ago and if you don't give me all of your money now, He will breath fire and burn your children, So pay up now", And by making it illegal for people to try to figure out if that is true or not, I've got myself a sweet source of income! Thanks, Anti-science freaks!

    2. No more overpriced drugs! In fact, No drugs at all, At least not ones that we have any legal mechanism available to test if they actually work. Sweet! BTW, I have these green pills that cure EVERYTHING, Please send me some $$$ and I'll mail them to you. No checking to see if they work, No no no, That's illegal! Another awesome source of income for me, You rock!

    3. When you go to the dentist, And he says you have a cavity, He can drill into your tooth and you won't have any anaesthetic (such an evil product of scientific discovery, I shiver! ). . . AWESOME! Wait. . . Hmmm, Dentistry is a scientific field. NO DENTISTRY! CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER? Why yes, My friends, It can!

    4. All those scientific advancements in agriculture that allowed us to massively increase the amount of food we're able to produce? GONE! Starve, You suffering billions, Starve! Bwahahahaha! Send me you money first, Though, It will save your children from starving. (No testing of my claim though, No no no, ILLEGAL! ).

    5. Alas, I'm tired from by breathless excitement at the thought of making science illegal. Please, Minions, Share you creative insight and let us know what other amazing things will happen when we outlaw the seeking of truth!

  • The Technological Collapse

    By science I assume that you mean modern technological science. Modern day society is built upon technology. While this does provide many beneficial things like modern medicine, Sustainability of larger populations, And better transportation. There are several consequences that technology has caused in order to achieve these benefits, Such as factories in 3rd world countries which have terrible working conditions to satisfy modern consumerism (Indian and foreign clothing sweatshops), Terrorist attacks which rely on technology (911 plane hijacking, Suicide bombings etc. ), And global warming are all issues which are only possible due to technology. As we continue to 'progress' towards a techno-society we will become more and more dependent on technology and if there were to be a lack of sustainable resources (example: oil and petroleum products or other minerals) which fuel technology, Society would collapse.

  • No phones no technology

    Phones which are mostly used by us these days will not be there. Not just phones but also technology like television, Computer and many other things would not be there. And today we have many information on google, We have Facebook, YouTube and all for entertainment and games like fortnite, Subway surfer for fun. We also have blood pressure machines and many other instruments for clinical use.

  • Ban that shit.

    Science isn't what it was in 1963. It's political corporate bullshit now. Look how crazy those fuckers on the "No" side are getting if you want to see how disastrous it has become, It is it's own religion with orbiting goal posts that are constantly on the move. What is the most eco-friendly flavor of the day? Today it's wind turbines - oh wait, Those slaughter birds! Well let's make it solar - oh wait, Those cook birds! Well shit, Let's do anything except nuclear, Because clearly humanity can't handle actual viable energy - whatever feeds green energy corporations feeds my wallet, Man!

    Science today isn't science.

    It's f***ing advertising. Just remember, It's scientifically proven that hormone therapy is completely harmless and there are over 59 genders for you to choose from!

  • I am deeply religeous.

    Scientists are crazy and should be baned!
    I remember as a little boy sitting down of a quiet evening hearing how Evolution evolved apes in to humans!
    It is immoral and sick!
    Jesus i coming back and you can't do anything about that you Atheist pig moron go burn in hell!

  • Banning it makes no sense. . .

    There is actually no reason to ban science in education. I have no idea why this debate was made but there is no logically argument to wanting to ban science. While there are some drawbacks, The positives **far** outweigh the negatives so shut the fuck up you stupid retards. BYE

  • What? ? ?

    That makes literally no sense. Science is the reason that each and every one of us are alive, You fools. The reason that each and every one of us haven't dropped dead by the flu by the age of four is B E C A U S E of science

  • The amount of utility we have gained via scientific exploration is undeniable

    Scientific discovery is one of the primary reasons (if not the main one) that human society has advanced to the point it has. Agricultural advancement, Complex shelters, The expedient transportation of goods and people, Vaccinations and other medical advancements, Our ability to communicate with each other across vast distances, And much more have all been predicated upon our exploration of science as a concept. Even the most basic of our discoveries, Fire and the wheel, Are fundamentally based in mankind's ability to explore the world around them in a scientific way,

  • Back to the dark ages

    Anyone who unironically votes yes wants to take us back to an actual Theocracy where every opportunity to minimize human suffering is simply replaced with "God's will". Go to Saudi Arabia if you want to live under a religious dictatorship. We like having an average life expectancy over 30 here in the West thank you very much.

  • How will the world be on.

    Look at now world the science is taking and saffing our world if there s no science then there will be no technology and if there is no technology then the world wouldn't abbly to develope until now. Without science we all would die because science had made the madiecent to safe our life and sfe our planet life. So science is everything in this world and that is why we are still developing on and on.

  • What the hell NO

    Come one, Without science this poll wouldn't even exist. Really, Everybody who says yes is just an idiot. Science brought us so far, Otherwise we would still be living lives like hundred of years ago without the smallest knowledge of our world. Science is essential and awesome and great and everybody who want to ban it, Go live you middle age life without technology and die before you turn 40 because medicine wouldn't exist without science

  • Fuuuuuck no it shouldn't.

    If you seriously believe science should be banned you're a whole ass idiot. There's literally proof for everything in science. I'm not even going to get into logical arguments because if the others on this thread can't convince you science shouldn't be banned I'm not going to either. We should ban uneducated morons that think vaccines cause autism and the earth is flat.

  • NO why educations is important for future

    Science gives you a lot of things like responsibility not to drop it not to spill it. More math how much to pour the liquid. Interest. . . . And a fun thing where you get to pour liquids into a glass so it help you get a good life in future

  • No, Never just why

    Scientific advancement is something which is only carried on by progressive generations of scientists graduating school with a basic scientific education, Then enhanced further by university.
    And without new scientists replacing the retiring ones each year, Scientific advancement slows in the country that this takes place in, Causing a wonderful host of problems to form for whichever poor country with a retarded leader implementing this.
    1. Lack of scientific advancement=scientific stagnation. The Qing found that out the hard way. Athough they were admittedly not only scientifically stagnant, But isolationist, Their science and technology from centuries ago proved literally useless against the foreigners in the Opium wars, And they were utterly humiliated by the technologically advanced British. Which, In the 1800s was one of the most science-orientated nations globally. . . .
    2. If the country takes sense and doesn't allow its scientific stagnation to result in a lack of development, Then the only way left is in reliance on foreign countries and their scientific advancements. And it really doesn't take a political analyst to explain why country A relying on country B for literally their entire scientific and technological progress (if any) is foolish. Whatever they decide to give you is never for your best interests, But for theirs.
    3. Science affects EVERYTHING. Education is paramount. To have future generations growing up without understanding how genetics influences life, How physics directs everyday movement, How electricity is formed and other such things is to be begging for a society that is scientifically uneducated. What does this mean?
    Governments can implement laws allowing free genetic experimentation, Without the people understanding the consequences of such. A population not concerned about science is one unconcerned about the consequences of scientific doings, Such as pollution and environmental destruction. Without a push to end global warming, There is no redeeming factor anymore in environmental conservation.
    A population which doesn't encourage science is one which is voluntarily signing its own doom. Have fun swimming in toxic waste, Oh wait you don't even know what that is do you. . . . .

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