• We must progress

    I believe science should be better funded to so we can create more advance technologies and advanced faster. Look were science has put us so far, i can't imagine life without my laptop, and mobile, which wouldn't exist, even a decade ago. Funding more money in science would speed things like these up

  • Yes, it should

    Science equals advancement. Without science, the world would be a very different place. Science opens many doors which can help people's day to day lives drastically. Our world has many problems, and science can help solve many of them if not all. Science is the future, we can help it get here faster.

  • Yes, and this is why.

    I do not see the churches releasing new forms of technology , or releasing new theories of how the universe works. The towel heads are running around killing each other because a book says that some being says it is ok. Africans are killing each other for reasons I do not know.

  • Yes of Course

    Science should be at the forefront of developing a healthier and more knowledgeable and vibrant society. Of course it should be better funded. Prevention is always better than cure and it is scientists who are the ones who could find cures for terrible diseases that kill too many people too young. Also if there is more funding for science we would benefit from exciting inventions in the future and that would enable us to enjoy a better standard of living. Developing as a species is something we need to keep doing as it all gives us something to aim towards and to look forward to.

  • Yes! We Should

    Scientists help contribute to our society. They give us cancer breakthroughs and cures and much more. Scientists are our lifesavers! Of course they deserve better funding! Scientists need better care! What if your mum or a person you love had a serious disease, and scientists weren't there to help and make a lifesaving cure?

  • Yes, It Should

    Science is the best pathway to knowledge mankind has ever devised.. That knowledge is what keeps airplanes in the air, and it what put men on the moon and rovers on Mars. If we don't continue to grow as a species, we run the risk of stagnating, or even degrading as a society.

  • Science makes the whole world better

    Of course, you can argue that it also invented the nuclear bomb, but that is negated because it lead to nuclear fission power and in the future, fusion power.

    Science increases the quality of life for everyone, and without science we won't be able to survive in a changing world.

  • Funded more by the government? No.

    When I hear "better funded", I automatically think of another "great idea" of what to do with my tax dollars. So lets avoid the feel good rhetoric and make sure that private funds are used for science instead. This will ensure that actual research is conducted in the most cost effective manner and will achieve an actual result, not just more wasted taxpayer funds going down the black hole of waste.

  • The market can decide what science we need

    Here's an analogy:
    You have a complicated math problem to solve.

    You hand scientist A $100 and tell him to solve the problem. He can keep the money whether he solves it or not. Tell him that if he runs out of money, you can pay him again as long as the problem is not solved.

    You tell scientist B that he gets $100 only if he solves it, and if he does solve it, he'll get $100 additionally from each of the thousands of people who also want him to solve it.

    Who do you think will solve the problem first, scientist A or scientist B?

    Simply put, people already fund the most productive scientific projects with their purchases.

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