• It takes faith to believe in science

    The theories of science are not proven, such as how the universe got here and whether or not evolution is true or not. Yet people believe this, blindly. They believe the theories of faith even though they themselves have not tested those theories. That takes faith. Science has a founding father, Darwin, and many modern day priests, such as Bill Maher.

  • Certain beliefs about science is indeed a religion.

    Now don't get me wrong here. I don't believe at all that science in general is a religion. However statements like "Science is the only valid form of information" "Science is the ultimate" statements often proclaimed by atheists and by the scientism ideology is a form of a science religion.

  • Yes, but only legally.

    Science =/= religion, yeah, I agree. HOWEVER, I believe that it should be considered a religion legally b/c it would mean that people's scientific beliefs could not be infringed upon under the first amendment of the US constitution, thus (hopefully) promoting scientific edumafaction

  • Yes- of course!

    Science is becoming increasingly dominant in today's society. The supporters of main-stream religions are reducing, as more people join the atheist team. Science is a way of living and thinking, a 'modern' religion, you could say. People who have strong faiths in religion do need to accept science, without it they could not do a lot of what they do, so they should accept it as a way of living. Basically, everyone should. Religion is individual and personal, so anything could be a religion.. especially this new, modern, thoughtful way of thinking and living.Its simple.

  • Science Is a Religion Because. . .

    I believe that science is a religion because people who believe in evolution should be considered as a belief system because if Christianity is as well used to show an upbringing of humanity just as evolution shows proof of the human species being a part of the evolutionary line of apes through thousands and millions of years.

  • Theory of evolution should not be taught in schools

    Science conflicts with religion saying there is no such thing as god instead we got here by evolving and adapting to new conditions of earth. So if we can not teach people about god in school and not say this happened because different people believe in different beliefs why should we be able to tell kids gods not real at all conflicting against all other religions.

  • Science is real

    Which Holy book says that the Earth revolves around the Sun? Science discovered it. And proved it. Humans are God's creation or result of fusion of a sperm and egg? Believe in reality or hoax, will always be a choice on people? People are God-fearing and so believe on God. Science doesnt enforce u to believe. It really bless you with all the amenities.

  • Science is dogmatic

    It seams to me that science has rebelled against the part of philosophy called logic from which she came from.
    Logic is made out of 'absolute fundamental rules' such as a=a. I believe that purpose of science is to discover the truth about the universe but....How to prove that a really is a? Maybe this world's greatest secret Is that 'a' is actually 'number 4', I mean no one knows.
    Reason is in the essence of science but if this world is irrational and insane then science is nothing but a religion who seeks for a god in a form of order.

  • Right to individual beliefs

    Having a faith in something and living your life based of texts of that faith, is generally considered a religion. Many people have a faith on facts and hypothesis in science that guide their daily lives. They look to scientists, and doctors and text books the same way religious people look to priests, rabbis, and an imam and seek guidance in a bible or other religious text. Both religious people and those who choose science believe in a creation, a living and a death. Although they are very different views, there is no telling which is correct or justified. Religion is a protected class, however believing in science isn't. If you step back and remove your personal views, you would see that actually they are the very same thing; a belief in something. Saying religion is right and science is nothing is just like saying Christianity is right, and everything else is nothing, which is wrong. All of these are examples of people being stuck in the I'm right you're wrong mind frame, which leads us no where. We have to allow people to choose their own path in life, science, religion or otherwise.

  • Science requires just as much faith as religion

    Science is every bit as faith based as religion. Almost all scientific theories are little more than religious dogma with little or no evidence for them. How can you prove that there is such thing as an atom? How can you prove the big bang happened? How can you prove that energy cannot be created or destroyed? These are things that you cannot prove but you accept on pure faith. The fact that it is a religion that fits together very well with most other religions does not make it any less of a religion.

  • No.

    True religion is in harmony with reality.

  • Different methodology

    Religion relies upon faith and Science relies upon empirical examination. Religion is subjective, and science is objective. Science answers the how, religion answers both the how and why although science is gradually replacing religion in explaining how things happen. This is because science is testable and it's results observable.

  • Science is the antithesis of a religion

    Science doesn't involve worshipping anything, and there is nothing supernatural about it. Science is a tool, like logic and math, to discover facts about the Universe. And it's hardly "the religion of atheists," since you needn't be one to accept the validity of science (not that all theists do though, hence why we have creationists).

  • Science is a method of investigation

    Religion requires an element of the divine. There is no such element to be found in anything of what science is.

    Posted by: Kali
  • God no

    What imabench said

  • Religion =/= Science

    Religion requires of faith. It's a set of dogmas to know about, essentially, the unknowable.

    Science does not require faith; it's the gathering of information and search for the truths of our universe, which can be proved or disproved.

    I cannot see a connection.

  • No

    I fail to see how learning to make a fake volcano out of kitchen materials counts as "religion"

  • Scientism

    Scientism absolutely, however science is independent from human belief.

  • No. Science=/=Religion

    "A religious creed differs from a scientific theory in claiming to embody eternal and absolutely certain truth, whereas science is always tentative, expecting that modification in its present theories will sooner or later be found necessary, and aware that its method is one which is logically incapable of arriving at a complete and final demonstration."

    Bertrand Russell, Grounds of Conflict, Religion and Science, 1953.

  • By no means

    Science, especially operational science, is knowledge gained through observation and experimentation. There are theories disguised as science that could and should be considered religious in nature but science as a whole should never be considered a religion.

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Apparently 6 people have no real concept of science.