• This question commits a begging the question fallacy.

    It implies that evolution is somehow separate from science, which couldn't be more further from the truth. Of course science should teach evolution just like music should teach Bach or history should teach Alexander the Great.

    If you were religious, let me ask you this: should christianity teach Jesus? Yahweh? Exodus? You see what I mean.

  • I don't see why not?

    Evolution has an astounding amount of empirical evidence that supports it. It should be taught in schools in order to educate students about the planet they live on. I'd find it would be terrible to teach them creationism, as it just promotes for them to believe in it, and consider it true, without verification, and without evidence.

  • Easily the best theory for biodiversity we've ever made

    Guaranteed, it's only a theory. But it has so much evidence pointing towards it- genetics, inherited traits, random mutations- that it's the most widely accepted theory of how we became us. It's likely the best explanation for biodiversity we'll ever think of, and until a booming voice from the sky tells us that we're all wrong and it was a cloud guy's doing after all, we should stick to evolution.
    I'll believe in your gods when I see them in person.

  • Evolution is a fact, not an opinion.

    Evolution is a fact, and there is a mountain of evidence that organisms change overtime. The theory of evolution is the best explanation science can offer for how this takes place, and is subject to change as we make new discoveries, but no one can say that evolution doesn't happen. Considering that it's a scientific fact, there should be no problem allowing it to be taught.

  • I think it should be taught so students can consider it.

    Even if some may oppose the ideas of the theory itself, I think that for the sake of consideration, evolution should be left in science textbooks. This is so students can decide for themselves if they accept the theory or not, and by allowing that freedom, the school shows that they are being neutral in the teaching of their students and allowing them to develop their own worldview.

  • No, there is solid evidence of evolution.

    To those who read my title and say "idiot", I invite you to explain how a bombardier beetle evolved and proof of the big bang. There is literally no way life can come from something. Simply look at the complexity of the human brain, you would need a computer the size of Texas to come close to having the same power the human brain has, not to mention brains of other animals. Something so complex could not have come from an explosion.

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