Should scientific findings be released in the media?


    Science is in many ways responsible for the several advancements in society. By exposing people to the wonders of science and this can trigger ideas in their genius minds too which can be of great help to the scientific community and the world we live in PROVIDED THAT it is shared with the masses with good intentions and by using proper means such that people don't take it in the wrong sense. That's just one precaution that must be taken care of. So, yes, scientific findings must be released in the media.

  • Of Course they Should

    Science should be shared. If they created a cure for cancer you wouldn't be sitting their saying " I really hoped the media hadn't told me that.'

    Just because they are useless and greedy doesn't mean everything they share is bad and wrong. I guess it might be different in the States but here in NZ but the media has every right to share any and all Scientific discoveries.

  • The media only cares about ratings and shock value.

    The media would only twist these findings to make a headline that would grab the people's attention whether it be for bad or for good. Also most people in the media also doesn't have the scientific background to be able to talk about science in the public who is mostly clueless about the happenings in the scientific world.

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