• Yes, even more now than ever.

    In native american culture, much of a tribes actions were influenced by a shaman. He knew about many of the plants and animals in a tribe, and how to heal people, as it was his job to do so. If doctors were as influential as the shaman in such a relatively basic, perpetual society, now , with each generation hugely changing from the last and many new scientific advancements being made and predicted, it is the obligation of scientists to guide and prepare the world for the next wave of change.

  • Absolutely, Without a Doubt

    Science is the single greatest path to knowledge that mankind has ever discovered. Scientists who spend their lives immersed in the scientific method are experts in their fields and are quite likely to know more about their particular specialty than anyone else. While nothing should be taken on authority, I think the words of an expert should be heeded, at least until we can each examine the evidence on our own. I think scientists make the best advocates.

  • Yes, scientists know best about their field

    Scientists are in a great position to become advocates for their field. Who else would have the intimate knowledge needed to become a successful and effective advocate? Too often we think that scientists should be neutral and simply express facts, however the world needs people who are smart and passionate about their chosen profession.

  • We have a responsibility to do so.

    In a world increasingly reliant on science and technology, scientists have a responsibility to advocate for better scientific education and advancement of science in general. In addition, America is falling behind other developed nations precisely because our populace has become scientifically ignorant and distrustful of science and scientists. We allow pseudoscience and religious mythology (like "creationism" and "intelligent design") to take precedence over real discovery.
    As a scientist, I and others like myself should campaign for better- for our populace and society as a whole.

  • Yes scientists should be advocates

    Yes, I think that it is important for scientists to be advocates, so that they can educate the world and lead the world when it comes to scientific education. Scientists should be out advocating for their discoveries, and it also helps to add validity to their new findings in the scientific community.

  • Sure, they should

    Yes, I would agree that if a scientist is so inclined to be an advocate for something, he or she should definitely do it. Scientists are incredibly smart people and can use research to create innovative things for this world, such as developing a new drug. Their advocacy to some causes could spark a real change in the world.

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