Should scientists be allowed to extract DNA from ancient humans and clone them?

  • Contextually, Why not?

    Why should certain genes be off limits to persons wishing to create more life? Provided you can produce a clone without needless suffering then why disallow it? .

    As to what the point of such an exercise would be, That's a far harder question to answer, Possible motivations are far fetched to say the least, We currently have more than enough genetic diversity and are on the cusp of technologies that would enable us to write entirely new lifeforms from scratch, No archaic genomes necessary.

    In conclusion, Not likely to be needed by the time it's feasible or ethically permissible, But providing it harms no-one, No reason to outlaw the concept.

  • Humanity after the years of 1788 and 1968 have become genetically insufficient.

    If scientists and engineers are free to clone humans from ancient DNA such as Tarim Basin mummies, Ancient Norse, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Egyptians, English and French/German kings, Ancient Spartan warriors, Famous inventors and writers, They could lead us to a better, Saner future than the failure that is the humanity of today.

  • What's the point?

    We wouldn't learn anything new. We could do the same thing on later humans, And there seems to be no point. The yes pointed out that current humans are insufficient to continue on. Where is his evidence for this proposition? What about the vaccines, The medical advances, The technology, The social revaluations. Humans have advanced whether anyone likes it or not.

  • No good will come from this.

    They are normal people. They were not mystical warriors or superhuman.
    King Tut with all the gold and might of the Egyptian empire was an inbred that died from genetic failures.
    In fact I think that all of the royals are genetically inferior to normal plain humans. Way too much inbreeding. Alabama 1000.
    Then you okay then lets just clone warriors and poets no kings.
    That is a huge ethical debate. Can a cloned genius be as smart as the original?
    With the invention of guns and robotics and cybernetics the warriors of the past will be beat.
    Some scrawny nerd with a gun or a bio weapon can wipe them out. Or a drone strike.

    Sane? Read history son they did some crazy things back then just like we read today.

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