• That would be cool

    Of course who wouldn't want these animals to come back. The lease we could do is help them out and clone them. It also would be cool for once. At least say yes. Some of you people hurt them so do something for them. I hoped these great people who said yes changed your mind because all we did was to convince you. So just please say yes. I hope they do clone these endangered animals.

  • Cloning endangered animals will bring the numbers up significantly.

    Saves the species from poaching or habitat loss. Poachers kill elephants for their rare/beautiful tusks. If there are millions of elephants, Then they don't become rare and poachers will find no significance in killing them. Cloning endangered species will bring their numbers up to the millions. When we do this, We can fix ecosystem's cycles and keep the food chains the same. No over populating if there are food chains right?

  • Clean our mess

    We are the reasons that these animals are endangered. The Komodo Dragon is losing its island habitat. The Passenger pigeon being extinct because we let loose our domestic cats. We should clone endangered species, and instead of having them mate with each other, clone other animals and make natural selection from the clones we have available.

  • We should clone

    I feel we should because these animals are separated and held in specific areas and usually taken in from zoos. So there is no reason to worry about it not being natural. We still hold them in unnatural habitats. Cloning may not be natural but it is another species off the endangered list.

  • Yes they should

    Species are endangered becuz of humans and it is a way to fix the harm that is done.There are many benefits.If cloning were to successful argiculture and economy would expand futher and yeaaaaaaaa a yea yea yea .SO yeah we should do it totally .It is way to help prevent them from going extinct

  • It could help the ecosystems

    When our ecosystems have a wide variety of animals and wildlife, animals are more likely to survive in the wild. And if we brought back other animals, it would help with animal populations. Such as, if we brought back larger animals, they could help with the over populations of the smaller animals.

  • Yass yass yass

    Of course!Hunting caused them to become endangered9 by humans if I may add) so yesss yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Cloning is a good idea

  • I think they should

    I think that cloning should be allowed because it could help the world with many problems. We, as a people have harmed and endangered so many animals that we must atleast try to balance the eco-system we upset. Many animals arre suffering from what we did that we need to clone them to keep them alive. Soon enough, we will only have the animals we breed. We will have killed off part off part of the world now we have to fix that. The animals are part of this world too. Thy help keep things alive such as trees, and flowers. Things that create oxygen for us to live.

  • OK, unless you release them into the wild

    As long you don't let the cloned animals escape, affect the natural balance of mother nature, and make other non-endangered animals endangered, it is overall all right. But, humans must focus on the problem of containing them in captivity, or all hell will break loose and we will make small problems much much bigger.

  • Hunting caused them to become endangered

    Animals have been hunted and poached for centuries and only recently have we began to notice that species have been dying out and we have put laws against hunting them but this does not stop beautiful animals from being killed out, if we could clone them then we could keep species alive to show are children and there children instead of in books and photos.

  • It's NOT natural!!!!!!!

    They are called wild animals for a reason. These animals are part of nature and should stay and live out in the wild where they belong. Cloning animals isn't natural! Why do you think these animals became endangered in the first place... Because of unnatural things, like us humans, coming in and building our lives on their foundations. We should leave the wild animals alone. They belong out there and why shouldn't be invading them and their homes.

  • Let nature take care of this

    Endangered species should not be cloned, if a species is not fit for survival in the wild, nature has ordered their extinction to make room for other, more suitable species that are likely to continue life on earth. Humans should not intervene with natural processes. Cloning animals creates a large number of animals with the same genetic make up, it does not increase the chance of long term species survival.

  • There is no benefit to cloning

    A clone of an individual animal is just that, a clone. As an individual specimen this is fine, but it is of no use in the survival of the species. Clones can't be used to breed with each other as the genetic mutations caused by inbreeding would be damaging to individuals and to the species as a whole. The only way cloning could be of any benefit is, for example, producing a wooly mammoth to keep as an exhibit in a zoo, or for scientific purposes - and on a moral level I am deeply uncomfortable with that.

  • We should not clone endangered species

    We should never clone endangered species. The reason why is because we should take them in and breed them not clone them. They should be like snowflakes, not one should be alike. They are all different in many different ways, like size, shape, species, anything else. It is also bad on the animal. If someone creates a non-dangerous cloning system i would agree.

  • Just why people, just why????!!!!!

    They may be endangered but they are animals and every animal has its time on the world and scientists shouldn't be using that time to clone and mess with the genes of those species. It just isn't right! Human may be superior but we do not rule over the world we just inhabit it just like those animals!

  • IT doesn't work

    As said in the article Why Clone by learn genetics, “When we hear of cloning successes...What we don’t see are the many,many cloning attempts that failed. Even in the successful clones problems tend to arise later.” This shows that even if cloning was a good idea, whether back an extinct species or for more food, cloning animals doesn’t actually work. There is only about a .2% success rate just getting the animal born. The animals that are born are usually larger than they should be(LOS). This leads to breathing and blood flow problems. The animals that don’t have LOS have kidney or brain malformations and impaired immune systems. Even if it worked, when bringing back species genetic diversity would be lost which would lead to birth defects. Since cloning only uses chromosomes from one side of the species birth defects would also be caused from this. Cloning animals does not work and any successfully born animals die soon after birth.

  • Humans dont know enough to try to replace mother nature

    Evolution has brought us to where we are today. When we start trying to tinker with it without fulling understanding the repercussions... Thats simply dangerous. Think of the hybrid lovebugs that were created in a lab in the university of florida. Without a natural predator they now infest the world in large quantities during the humid season. There are times during the summer when i could barely see where i am going as a result.. Of Course cloning other animals wont get rid of said animal's natural predators, but there could be other unforeseen consequences. Natural selection is more than just highschool biology. Its complex calculus and you dont want to mess up the equation. It can go much worse than just hundreds of love bugs permanently engraved into your new car.

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