Should scientists repress subjective debate to protect hard facts?

  • Scientists should worry about facts

    Scientists are not politicians, philosophers, or anything else. They are scientists and should strictly stick to the facts. The problem is that people try to make scientists seem like political players by saying their research is biased, when it is not. Scientists should only be dealing with facts and not subjective debates.

  • Nothing Scientific About Subjective Debate

    I do not believe there is anything scientific about subjective debate. I think true scientific hard facts are best for the public and I think until scientific hard facts can be formed, the debating should be left to the professionals. I do not believe it is okay to hold back information from people, but subjective thoughts should not be reported the same way that hard facts are.

  • No, there is no such thing as hard facts.

    Every scientific conclusion starts with a hypothesis and that is always influenced by the view point of the scientist. So there are no hard and fast facts, even in science because new things are always being proven, which means that no subjective debate points should be repressed in the name of science.

  • Scientists should do what they do now

    The job of scientists is to develop theories, test them, and determine how the findings are applicable to us as a society. Their job is not to moderate how people interpret their findings or to worry about truthers screaming about global warming being a conspiracy to take away everybody's guns. The job of scientists is to share their findings whether they expect them to be received well or poorly, the backlash is what it is. Debates are how people come to terms with concepts, they're supposed to take place.

  • No they should not.

    Subjective debates help people better understand new ideas. If everyone thought the same way than we would not be as advanced today as we are. We need to let people debate their ideas and discuss if one way would work better than others. It is the only way to find the truth.

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