Should scientists research the cure for anaphylactic food allergies?

Asked by: Fanny
  • They should research the cure for food allergies.

    People with food allergies have to constantly worry about what they eat because anything they eat can be potentially fatal. Parents have to worry about their children dying. Children cannot eat the same things their friends eat, like the delicious cake at a friends' birthday party, or those cookies in class that look so good that their classmates can have. At Easter time the class is given a basket with candy and the food allergic child can't have the candy. Methods of management (peanut bans, allergy table) are controversial and incite backlash. Those who are most effected are people with food allergies because they have to worry anything they eat can potentially kill them.

  • The numbers are increasing dramatically

    My son is anaphylactic to nuts, soy and egg. He is a beautiful 2 year old boy and whenever I go to a party I worry about him coming into contact with something that can kill him. The people suffering with life threatening allergies are increasing and the reason behind this needs to be identified!!

  • I have food allergies

    I am allergic, therefore I think it is absolutely necessary for scientists to find a cure. I would like to live a healthy, happy life, and it's not that I don't now, but it would be better if I didn't have allergies, of course. It is vital that people research and find a cure so people can lead better lives.

  • Food shouldn't kill.

    Food should energize and support life, not end it. There have been too many lives lost because something was consumed that would have been beneficial to someone without food allergies. Managing food allergies requires perfection. There aren't any perfect people. A cure would mean freedom for those affected and their loved ones.

  • They need to to research the Why in order to Cure FA

    First, scientists need to understand why food allergies are on the rise, in order to cure them. It's most probable that there is an environmental factor leading to the rise in food allergies. And if we can figure out that first, and change it now, we can decrease this trend. Then research a cure.

  • For my son

    I want my son to be able to go to school without fear of getting sick and going to the hospital. He wants to enjoy the ice cream and cake at the party. I would love to be able to drink OJ in the morning. But we are allergic.

  • I'm a grandfather of a 3-year-old beautiful girl and a 1-year-old handsome boy with anaphylactic food allergies.

    In today's modern world we have so many programs sponsored by the government or at least the many charities around the country supporting all the diseases and conditions afflicting the population, but there are very few dedicated to the future generation of the country. I know every condition is important but I also know my experiences in seeing my daughter struggling every day trying to keep her kids safe from foods. We should have more scientific research for the cure of anaphylactic food allergies.

  • I would LOVE to not have to worry ALL THE TIME for my son's life!

    My eight year old son is allergic to peanuts and shellfish. What some people don't know is that shellfish is an airborne allergy. My family was not aware of that fact either, until we visited a friends house that had made shrimp for dinner. Needless to say, my son went into an asthma attack. Luckily, his doctors office was only 2 minutes away. As his allergist told me, I shouldn't worry about him too much now, but when his older and in high school or college. those are the years I fear, not only because of the misunderstanding of other individuals, but out of his own exploration. If there was a cure, such a weight would be lifted from my shoulders!

  • Curing Anaphylactic Food Allergies Is Necessary

    As food allergies are rising across the world, more individuals and families will be negatively impacted by the dietary, physical, social and emotional constraints that come with risking anaphylaxis due to food allergies. From a moral perspective, individuals with anaphylactic food allergies deserve a better quality of life - they currently have no choice but to avoid possible allergens, which restricts their lives in countless ways. They should not be forced to fear death resulting from eating, a fundamental life activity. From an economic perspective, the increase in food allergies necessarily results in increased health care expenses (emergency rooms, ambulances, medications, hospital stays) and drives down revenue in hospitality and travel industries (allergic families do not dine out or travel). Finding a cure wouldn't just improve the lives of those with the allergies, but those of their families, friends and immediate communities (schools, classmates), as well as the broader community. Aside from the "cost" of research (which would arguably be outweighed by the hard and soft costs of allowing allergies to rise unchecked), there is no good reason not to search for a cure.

  • Duh! Yes! Find a cure!

    I can't believe this is even a question - you have an epidemic affecting children's health and well being. YES! FIND A CURE! The chance of accidental ingestion is so risky. Please find the cure, we need to allow our children to be safe and live a normal healthy life.

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