Should scientists rule in governments instead of politicians due to their experience?

Asked by: sol96
  • Scientist understand the world better, it comes down to the matter of who will create a better society for the people.

    If we think about it, politicians have ruled in governments because in ages of old people were generally un-educated. Now in today's information age, the rate at which we are integrating science and technology into our lives at an exponential rate. The purpose of a government is to create a better lives for it's people, and to deal with problems that arise. Who is better equipped to do such than the people who are responsible for the growth in our quality of life over the past 200-ish years.

  • Politicians are dumb.

    They really are. Look at them, they are incompetent and do not deserve the power they are given. Scientists are educated, many of them might not deserve the power, but they would know how to use it. Scientists would know how to handle power, but politicians are just a face.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • This is plausible.

    If we teach science to politicians, and politics to scientists, we would have the most informed and experienced duo to lead the country through its troubles. Creating the ultimate field will ensure we get what we want. So, even though there is no neutral section, that is where I'll remain.

  • Applying science and math would help resolve a lot of issues.

    First off all greed would dissipate, of course not in absolute but it would be much less. Scientist are very good decision makers, they take facts and calculate outcome. They wouldn't try to control the world and start the wars. Yes it would be much better. I think we should give it a try. This is getting out of the hand so it would be nice change.

  • Democracy would lose meaning

    It's not the role of scientists to rule the everyday lifes of a Democracy. It would turn democracy into a government of few (supposedly) “smart” guys, (supposedly) guided only by the Light of Science — which can't be guaranteed once you keep out the people (while instead there are concerns about the science being selectively financed, so that undesidered results fly under the radar of the so called scientific community). Scientists can (and should) be consulted for topics where science gives a foundation to arguments; their statements could be taken into account by policy makers who anyway must take into account their electors first.
    Democracy is endangered by slogans like “this law must be enforced because the Science says this and that!”

  • Nonsense! Loads of it.

    Politicians ARE people who rule in government, meaning that scientists would instantly become politicians the second they took a seat in the Senate, etc. Also, this experience you speak of would relate to the scientific field, not the political one. Why would we elect someone simply because they discovered a new species of beetle?

  • No, but politicians should listen to scientists.

    Scientists are not politicians, and politicians are not scientists. However, politicians should listen to scientists and take their advice as fact not suggestions. Climate change could be far easier be addressed if some politicians did not believe pseudo-science. The problem with most issues is that politicians are thinking about votes, while they should be thinking about facts.

  • Scientists do not need to be political leaders

    People who run the government spend many years studying politics. This being said, it only makes sense that they have a position of political power. Politicians have been educated in running the government. They know of previous systems and methods for operating the government that have functioned well, as well as methods that have not. Yes, scientists are EXTREMELY intelligent, but not necessarily in the field of politics. Right now, scientists have as much power and influence as they need. Companies like Apple, Dell, Greater Boston, etc, all have great influence over the population. Basically, I'm saying that while scientists and politicians are both incredibly smart, they should just stick to the field in which they studied for so many years. Asking a scientist to run the government is like asking an accountant to work in a coal mine—the two fields are not alike.

  • They have no experience!

    Scientists of our time have helped us through many things. Although they have no experience and they are hard to interact with. All day they are in a lab testing, not out in the open introducing them self making political views. They do not know how to decide, because at the end of the day one of two parties will be let down from a decision they will have to make.

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Seeginomikata says2014-02-11T22:43:50.533
I don't think you understand what the words "scientist" and "politician" mean. If you did, then you would not have created this opinion question.
tahir.imanov says2014-02-12T00:43:26.360
I do not want to vote NO, but I also do not want scientists to become corrupt. I think scientists should hold key positions in government institutions.

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