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Should scientists try DNA cloning? What would this mean to the people/animals it clones?

Asked by: CaesarAugusto
  • The benefits overcome the consequences.

    Imagine how many people can be saved daily JUST DAILY by the creation of clones. Did you know that 20 people die each day waiting for a transplant? These are 20 ordinary human beings like you and me who are dying because of the lack of resources. These clones can provide easy transplants for those people. When you think of cloning most people nowadays think of sci-fi movies where clones take over humans and its this fear that blinds you. The amounts of benefits that clones bring in the real world are more beneficial than the consequences that they do in your imagination. Imagine two Einsteins or two Bill Gates in this world. Its not only people with this technology hunger in this world can end for good. There doesn't need to be millions of people dying from hunger annually.

  • Please please please

    I feel like we sohuld cuz my kid eats me out everyday and he doesnt do it right i want a different copy of him i keep on saying put your teeth into it but he doesnt listen so i took his ears away for a week i think he learned his lesson

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  • DNA cloning is inhumane

    Its not A O.K because humans are supposed to be made naturally by human means not by scientists in labs. It would be wrong to make a clone of someone who might have a disease or if it got into the wrong hands it could be used for the worse.

  • Cloning is risky!!!

    If scientists were to try to clone, say, a person, what would happen to that person? Would they be exactly like the original person, not only in appearance, but also mentally? And what kind of stress would it cause that person?
    Also, weren't we created to be EXACTLY as we are? I don't think we need to go messing around with ourselves or nature!

  • Scientists should not clone

    Everyone is saying imagine how many people you could save daily! I don't think your thinking straight... Even if you cloned yourself and died that is not you in somebody else body! That is another replicate of you but they don't have the same brain, they can slightly differ depending on their bring up off life. There are already too many humans on this world for the environment to deal with, and you are trying to make more! To increase the destruction of the world. DNA another person, does this mean you have the same rights?, no! You have already been brought into this life as a replicate of someone but will have completely different emotions! Then there is also the undelrying thought of money, how will people bring up the money to replicate pets, people etc

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