• yes they should

    Yes, they do need to take these animals that are about gone and try to breed as many as they can on the captive places, so that they can take these and release them back into the wild and so that the species can come back again to what it was.

  • Yes, because it is up to us as humans to foster the animals in need.

    Yes, scientists should breed the animals that are in captivity. Many animals are becoming endangered because of human interaction, poaching, and deforestation. It is only in our interest to pay back nature for our wrongs and breed animals in captive so that they are no longer in harms way. Breeding animals in captivity can help minimize disease and maximize the probability of the pregnancy being successful.

  • But Then Repopulate Them

    Scientists should try to breed endangered species in captivity, but then they should repopulate the species in the wild. Animals don't belong in zoos on a long-term basis. Once populations thrive and become healthy, zoos should be replaced with eco-tourism whereby people go to see animals in the wild rather than watch them pace back and forth in cages.

  • We might need them.

    Yes, scientists should try to breed endangered animals in captivity, because it is unfair to the dignity of nature and the life cycle to allow animals to go extinct completely. We might need something that that particular species can provide later on in terms of scientific research. We should keep every species alive to a sustainable level.

  • Yes, we should try to help repopulate endangered species.

    Yes, I do believe that we should do all we can to help keep endangered species alive, and this can include captive breeding programs. Zoos can volunteer for this type of program, and can even help with releasing the animals back into the wild when conditions are okay for the animals to return. We need to try to conserve precious resources, and this includes animal species.

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