• Yes we should try to clone John Lennon

    Have you even heard music these days???? It is so beyond sh*tty that actual musicians are killing themselves daily just because they have given up on making music good again (They just disguise their suicides with rampant drug abuse).

    We need to clone John Lennon to save music, and then once we have that down we can start cloning other people to save beloved pieces of society, like George Washington or Tupac

  • Yes, definitely we should.

    I definitely think we should at least try to clone him just so I can listen to come good quality music in this decade. I mean, really. For Example, Why would you sing a song about a certain type of shoes on your feet. I NEED some quality music in my life, NOW!!

  • Clone would not be John Lennon

    A clone of John Lennon would not be John Lennon. It would share none of his perspective, personality or individuality. It would be an entirely new individual with the same DNA as John Lennon, which defeats the purpose of using his specific DNA in the first place. I can't see any practical reason for an attempt to be made, honestly.

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