• It is just as valid as other religions, I chose "No" because...

    I do not believe any religion should receive tax exemption. How old or young it is has nothing to do with anything as far as I'm concerned.

    Organizations making money should be taxed. Doing it in the name of a god, gods, crazy space overlord... Doesn't matter. Charlatan or honest, if you make cash you should get shook down by uncle Sam all the same!

    Well, I make one exception for charities. However, spreading your belief doesn't count as charity. If a religious charity wants to be tax exempt they should have to prove that all the money goes to helping people. Not proselytizing.

  • Scientology should be considered a real religion, and thus receive tax-free status.

    Scientology already is considered a religion to many people. I am not a Scientologist, but they have been an established religion for many decades and should be tax-free. There are so many 501(c) organizations out there. I don't think the Church of Scientology should be denied tax-free status because they are not perceived as a traditional religion.

  • Yes, I think Scientology should be considered a real religion.

    I don't think people should be judging religions as real or fake, I think as long as the organization meets the classification set by the Government to be considered a religious organization then they should be considered as one and receive the appropriate tax benefits that comes with that status.

  • Yes, Scientology is as "real" a religion as any other.

    Yes, the Church of Science or Scientology is no less valid a religion than any other group that is recognized as such, and it should therefore be afforded the same rights as other religious organizations. They are similar to many mainstream religious groups in that they have a set ideology that is common amongst followers, and they collect money from followers in order to further spread or share this ideology with others.

  • No, Scientology should not be considered a real religion.

    I do not believe that Scientology should be considered a real religion, and thus receive tax-free status. I think that the shady practices of the organization should be more thoroughly investigated by the government. It is an organization that uses its lawyers to bully the critics and anybody who poses a problem.

  • Scientology is just fake

    No wonder there is so many religious groups out there. They do not have to pay taxes. It would not surprise me if Scientology did become a religion, just for that reason. I personally do not think our country should let that happen. It is not right, but there is more religious people than non religious people. Religious people will probably get their way.

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