Should Scotland apologize for their colonization of North America?

Asked by: Adam2
  • They've done enough damage already

    After all it was the Lowlands of Scotland, under James the First who thought it was OK to colonize Virginia and steal from the Native Americans. I think they owe the Amerindians and the English, Irish, Highlands, and Welsh one big apology, and India one and everyone of their former empire one.

  • Try reading history

    The British Empire (including Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and The kingdom of France colonized a sizable amount of North America.

    After the British defeated the French in the 7 years war they gained most of Canada. After the American revolution, the United States Government took the rest of North America while the Brits kept Canada. The French eventually sold, what little they had left in North America to the US and the Russians sold Alaska to the US.

    Every major European power, has taken part in colonization in some form or another, the simple fact is if one county didn't come there and take the land a different one would have.

    I am not saying they were right or wrong, but its a little late for an apology. You have to take into account that until after the 1st 2nd world war, Country's had the Right of Conquest which you can look up on your own.

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