• Scotland needs independence

    The simple fact is that scottish interests can and never will be fully supported by an English dominated parliment that does not care about the scottish people and thier culture. Interests on the southern side of the border are not the same as those above it, such as leaving the eu and supporting immigration. It is necessary to leave a union that oppresses the scottish people.

  • Independece for scotland

    Scotland Should be independent to have our own say in politics and changes in Scotland. Scotland never have things thier way so we can if we go independent and things the way that we want them. All councils wanted to be independent but South Lanarkshire. I live in North Lanarkshire and everyone wanted to be independent. Others did not but then realise they made a mistake

  • Need for democracy

    The argument for independence has been stated over and over here. I don't need to add to it. My choice was Yes. It stayed out as wanting to have the Democratic right for my vote to count. This election quickly showed me many other reasons why not to be afraid to vote for independence.

  • Only a brave man...

    Once in a while we come accross a brave man in history,today we have another in Alex Salmond. Why ? Because he has the guts to take on the rest of the so called "Better Together " Westminster millionaires, Westminster need to sort out England first,
    Lets take a look at it shall we... Immigration ? The Nhs ? Unemployment ? Social Housing ? Crime ? The list could go on and on.
    These are the same people who want Scotland to stay as part of the UK ? They can not run what they already have let alone tell another country what they can and can not spend.
    Mr Cameron is now promising so much to Scotland and at the same time he promises to hold a vote on EU membership if he wins the next election ,well its going to be a busy time ahead for Mr cameron and his staff because from what i can see is that a certain Mr Farrage of UKIP is knocking on the door and lapping up all the panic that this Scottish question is posing.
    The winds of change are blowing accross this island and i truely hope that Scotland will be free of the strings being pulled from London and can look forward to a fairer and just society .

  • Know the fact that in the long run its better

    My concern for Scotland is that the population is ageing at one of the highest levels of the developed world AND we have a decreasing birth rate AND a significant amount of professionals emmigrating (leaving). Our future is not about having one of the highest GDP in the world with the UK, but the highest GDP per capita. Independence will let us tackle Scotlands issues like child poverty more specifically then the British parliament which has a more generic approach. Scotlands businesses will not suddenly become deprived of resources and become the third world, and in fact we will have more oppurtunities in the long run for businesses to start so we can achieve self-sufficiency rather then rely on England. Our relationship with England would still hold strong rather then hostile with a bright future ahead and the only fear stopping us from voting yes is our reluctance to accept change and effort in the beginning to build a new system. Note: we already have so much of our system already developed. Status Quo means our bright HAVE to move to London for a job, will independence not reduce this discrepancy? Edinburgh has a great foundation

  • Scotland Should Be Free

    To Run It's Own affairs. We have the Resources, we have the competency. We can choose our own leaders, whoever they may be. We need to have control over our own taxation, revenues and our own destiny as well as our own allegiances. Westminster can then by free to run England whichever way they choose, without any Scottish burden, therefore setting England Free to control its own destiny.

    Posted by: desb
  • Scotland is its Own Country and Should be Treated as Such

    I would vote time and time again for Scotland's independence, even speaking as someone who is not Scottish at all. England's imperialistic rule over smaller countries just because it could take them over centuries ago is way overdue for a change. People that don't even live in the country shouldn't be making big decisions for another country because it's what they think is best. Scotland deserves its independence and I'm just glad that it hasn't become as bad as Ireland had been. Voting is at least a little bit better than all out war, don't you think?

  • It's long overdue

    I'll make it clear that I am not fully Scottish, but I am Scottish-American and they deserve their independence. Scotland has been annexed by England since 1296 and it's high time they were granted their independence because Scotland can function perfectly fine without the English hovering over them. The Scots are recovering from a recession, and their employment rates have increased (http://www.Scotland.Gov.Uk/Topics/Economy/state-economy/latestSofE). They'll be economically stable without the English. The Scots also have fine political parties, so government shouldn't be a problem.
    It's illogical for England to continue to hold power over Scotland, especially when the Scots can handle themselves perfectly fine in the world.

  • The Highlands should be free from Edinburgh's tyrannical rule

    I think the Lowlanders have had their time to rule the world already. Everyone is sick of this already. Time for the pompous royalty in Edinburgh and Yorkshire to give up already. Everyone is fed up with them. Time for the Highlands and south of England to get freedom. If not, we do it by force by going "Last of the Mohicans" on them.

  • An answer to some of Booooo's questions.

    To Booooo,
    Our currency would be Sterling as it is a trade able currency. The main debate is on the currency union, I think a currency union would be beneficial to both countries but the fact is Sterling would be our currency.
    To answer the question on border control it would be decided on each countries foreign agenda, I think Scotland needs immigrants to keep a healthy economy and under conservative/ UKIP rule we could never achieve this, so yes I do think there will be a border.
    Yes to the European Union as it opens up a vast trade market to Scotland, why would Europe reject Scotland a past member inside Britain and a large economy with 75% of Europe's renewable energy resources.
    The only way Scotland will take on National debt is if it i given its far share of the liabilities , e.G the pound.
    Tax would remain about the same and corporation tax might change but i couldn't comment as I don't have much of a business head.

  • Too many unanswered questions

    Personally I would vote for devo max but unfortunately that is not going to be an option. If we get independence: what's our currency going to be? Will we have border control? European Union? Contribution to national debt? Tax? And the list goes on.

    Plus how much is this whole referendum costing! Think when the No vote happens scotland will get punished with its funding from Westminster being cut.

  • Absolutely NOT! It would be a HUGE HUGE mistake :l

    IF Scotland were to become independent, nobody would know what currency the new Scotland would use. The UK said it won't let Scotland use the pound, and without a stable currency Scotland will fail. Scotland does NOT have enough resources to meet it's own needs forever. It relies mostly on oil, and when this runs out (it already is but slowly) Scotland won't have enough money and it will go bankrupt eventually. The EU also agreed that it WON'T bail or help Scotland when it becomes independent. Scotland already has devolution and it's own assembly. If they want more devolution give it to them, but don't grant them independence.

  • It's too risky

    If Scotland breaks away from the UK in order to be recognized and get away from "tyrannical rule", they will suffer. The economy in Scotland and UK would plummet (At least for a while) and become unstable. The UK as a whole has a pretty good economy, they could easily get back up contrary to Scotland which would be new. Unstable means that other countries could take advantage of Scotland.
    A new country would also take more money to run. On top of that, they would have to appoint a leader (unless the world has some kind of program that appoints a leader and helps new nations or better yet a leader already). Overall, Scotland should not be independent... At least until they have a really strong economy by themselves.

  • Disastrous move Scotland

    As a Scotsman I'm embarrassed to see scots voting 'yes' because of their pack, or even yet 'sheep to the slaughter ' mentality! It doesn't matter how many highly qualified, educated persons within their field inform you as to the mistakes and catastrophic outcome that awaits an independent country. You fail to listen and have the audacity to argue with them, even though you have, and let's be honest, no educated debate to put forward, as you have no fact to back that argument!

    Why on earth, even if we go independent would the very people you have upset (Westminster) and let's be open about it, mp's are human so decisions can be influenced by anger and discontent, even if that's to make a point!

    It's almost comical when any media outlet show a live debate or report via the news etc and they show a 'yes' voter, on almost 99% of the time it's the usual militant halfwit that can't drag his opinion out of his boots, and then offers no reason as to why we should be independent apart from....Um, er, ehhhh, coz we want to govern ourselves, or coz we can give ourselves a better equal and just Scotland! Oh really, you are having a joke, no central bank, openly flaunting you would default on debt, and we stare the largest chance if the longest austerity ever....Yes it will be equal, we will all be skint!

    Give yourselves a shake and wake up....There is no utopia at the end of this!

  • Wait, haven't 2 of the last 3 PM's been Scottish?

    Vote no. I don't understand why independents think it'll be good for Scotland. Yes, mhmm, let's leave the Union because of old school nationalism. Scotland's economy would be a disaster. No backed currency would isolate Scotland from the financial world. It isn't getting the Pound, and obviously not the Euro. To get the Euro, Scotland has to be in the EU. To be in the EU would require unanimous approval. That isn't happening because Spain has problems with secessionist movements. Then there's no central bank which means no loans (I guess reverting to pre-historic business will work). And then there's all this black gold in the North Sea. Well it's being drained you idiots. Scotland isn't Scandinavian with bountiful oil reserves. If it is then why has production been DECREASING for the last few years? This is ridiculous.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Don't be daft

    By all means vote no, pay for your own, military, NHS, schools, post office, every thing the UK helps towards your country, just don't forget the 300 billion you owe the UK on the way out and don't throw your pet lips when all other countries pay no time or interest or lend you any money..

    PLEASE i'm begging you all make the biggest mistake of your lives...It will be the funniest thing this year to happen.. I shall even buy popcorn.

    If you are stupid enough to be manipulated then great, who needs you good luck with your amazing unemployment rate, lets see how that turns out.
    My friend and I have a bet, he thinks the Scottish people aren't that dumb to vote yes and let this happen, looks like £200 is coming my way... YEY..

    Oh and what a smashing idea letting teenagers vote.. Ha ha... I'm sure they are well versed on the economy. Hhhmm

  • A dangerous move

    The fact of the matter is first and foremost it would weaken both Scotland and the rest of the UK. Scotland currently contributes 10% of the UK's GDP, a large figure for a great nation. If we just for a moment consider that the UK is the world's 6th largest economy, without Scotland the UK would be the world's 7th and Scotland would be the world's 46th. How can Alex Salmond truly say that Scotland would have a stronger voice in the eyes of the world? Money talks like it or not. How would Scottish interests be defended in the face of dangerous nations such as Russia and North Korea. Our islands would be weaker. And the UK, one of Europe's most prominent nations will have its voice softened and we will be taken less seriously by the big players such as the USA, China, Japan and Germany. Currency, another area Scots should take caution... The Treasury has formally rejected the idea of a currency union as it would be dangerous for the rest of the UK's financial stability, all we have to do is cast our eyes to the Eurozone. Currency union is always unsuccessful if we lack political union (which we have today). True, the pound is a traceable currency, but how do you expect the confidence of Scotland's huge financial sector without a central bank. Scotland's economy would be dictated to by London without a single Scottish voice in the UK Parliament system. Let's consider the unofficial 'plan b', whereby Scotland adopted the Euro. The Euro is perhaps the most unstable currency used by major nations. The Eurozone acts in the interests of BERLIN and will certainly not adapt for Edinburgh. Plan c, you ask? Scotland's own currency is an unthinkable concept, in a time of financial uncertainty. The people of Scotland deserves to know EXACTLY how an independent Scotland would function, not a load of unofficial 'plans' that are not feasible. Alex Salmond is a manipulative man whose fears of losing the referendum caused him to involve the highly vulnerable minds of 16 year olds. Why should we put up walls where they need not be, why when we: speak the same language, share the same rich history and enjoy each other's economic benefits. Our boys stood united in WWII for the preservation of the union, Alex Salmond seems to feel like he can end it on the back of half-hearted promises and unanswered questions. It is what unites is that makes us strong as people, it is why time and time again those who have stepped out of line have felt the wrath of the British beating heart, our people are one and should remain so. We need to preserve OUR union for our children's sake economically and for their security in a dangerous world. Please make the right decision this September, we are Better Together.

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hry420 says2014-02-17T16:35:00.887
Wont let me vote or have my say... YES
JDuB says2014-09-16T01:01:10.277
Everything I've heard for independent isn't backed up. This is a once in the lifetime opportunity. And I wouldn't gamble with the consequences for generations to come. Vote no.