• The grass isn't always greener but go ahead....

    You Scotts take all England's money and dish it out in benefits... Maybe England would be better off with out you! I wonder if once they become independent, if after a few years they'll realize that snuggling in the bosom of England wasn't so bad after all. Although independence is fun and life changing its always easier to live at home with mum who does all the washing and cooking. Scotland will be as broke as Spain (and England) if they venture out on their own. Good luck and good riddance.

  • Yes - from an Englishman.

    Yes to independence, that is if the Scots want it and their decision is well informed and not just weighted towards Salmond's propaganda. Then I say good riddance to them. Bye bye Scotland.. Maybe then we English can have free university, free prescriptions, and all the other perks that the "evil and oppressive" Westminster chose to give you.

    I would absolutely love to see Scotland go it alone, so long as they take their impressive share of the national debt with them and give up everything that comes with being British (currency, bail outs, public services, military technology, etc)... which lets face it, I bet they won't.

    If Scotland went independent then fingers crossed we wouldn't have to hear how evil the English are all the time from whiny and scarily right-winged Braveheart fans. And the irony? That it's socially acceptable to publicly express hatred of the English, to be sanctimonious and wave the Saltire, but should anyone dare complain about the Scots, or even be proud of Great Britain's achievements, then they're labeled the xenophobe! If England's so bad, why do so many Scots live down there?

    And I must just say that yes we know there isn't currently a Scotsman leading the union, thankfully, because the last one that did shafted all of us so hard that we'll be trying to recover from it for some time yet.

    Be very careful what you wish for, Scotland. If you do go independent, there are many who think it should be a one way deal, no coming back. No more money. It'll be a sad day if the union is broken up, but at the end of the day, some people just cannot see sense no matter how hard you try to convince them - they're just too blinded by the moral substance of Mel Gibson and his wholly inaccurate depiction of 13th century British history.

  • If the English people really knew

    If the English peoples really knew about what goes on in Scotland they would not be so quick to condemn Scottish Independence. There are of course many reasons that they want Scots to stay in the Union, however, there is a lack of what is actually good for Scots.
    In 1979 Scotland held a referendum on Independence, and by democratic standards they won it.
    However, a late change in the voting system by a labour Westminster MP. All who did not vote were taken as a NO vote, and yes this included the recent dead!
    Scots were Royally cheated, what would the English have said if it had been them?
    Scots have been constantly been considered as benefit junkies and the like, and are heavily subsidised by Westminster.
    Figure now prove, it is certainly NOT the case, Scots pay more than their share of tax revenues and actually get less back.
    We should be a rich country, we are not, we have ever more poor roads, and generally poor infrastructure.
    In an Independent country this will be a priority to be addressed, it is not going to happen within the Union, who are content in keeping Scots down.
    Taxes from our shoreline go to Westminster unlike other parts of the UK.
    We also have many area's that would shine more with Independence, more exports, more agriculture, more renewable energy, more fishing industry. It goes on.
    We would no longer have our soldiers die in illegal wars.
    We no longer would have Trident within 30 miles of our major population and city of Glasgow. Note Westminster does not want Trident down there, but as usual it is ok if Scots are at risk.
    So, no, Scots are not too wee, not too weak, nor too stupid. Independence will lead to a Scotland the rUK can learn from.
    There is no doubt that we also seek to be close friends with our neighbours, any bad feeling in Scotland is directed at Westminster politicians not the peoples of England, Wales or N. Ireland.
    However, the right to form our own future is undeniable, and it is something the doubters should think of. It is called democracy, something that is becoming more desirable to everyone in the Uk, if not Westminster.

  • Yes

    We are fed up with England thinking they are best. England is nothing without Scotland. England is just scared they are running out of money and don't think Scotland will help them! Freedom will be ours one day and that will be the greatest day in history! Come on Scotland, make the right choice and vote yes to independence!

  • Scotland can be a fairer,more prosperous nation.

    Scotland more than pays her way in the UK. We get 9.3% of UK spending, but contribute 9.6% of UK
    taxes. We are in a stronger financial position than the rest of the UK, to the tune of £510 per person last
    year - that’s over £1000 for each Scottish household. As an independent country, this money would
    stay in Scotland.
    4. Scotland already pays for all the government services we need as an independent country - we don’t
    have to start from scratch. However, the money will be spent in Scotland, rather than London, creating
    thousands of Scottish jobs.

  • Democracy and responsibility

    There are ten times as many folk in England. They often vote in a way we do not support. We end up getting what they chose by virtue of nothing more than mathematics. This democratic deficit leads to Scotland being regionalized as a people and an economy, to a devaluing of ourselves, and social inequality at the 4th worst in Europe. This is corrosive to our identity and culture. Scotland needs true democracy and the responsibility that comes with it, and that's just not possible in the U.K.

  • Scotland can be an independent nation, unification of their people will help them rise from poverty.

    Scotland is an idea, like America is. Having a political center will be unpopular, as much as the last time when the Lords had to sneak into the hall to sign documents in the middle of the night to become part of London and company. However small local governments are more accountable to their people and more inclined to do what they say.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • Yes, it would have many benefits.

    I love Scotland and I hate being referred to as 'British.' I understand that obviously I am, but when good things happens Its all praise to Britain, whereas when something bad happens its Scotland's fault, for example Andy Murray. We will get bankrupt, I mean let's be real here! There will be no relying on other countries, no tuition fees, no pensions, no post offices, etc. Oil will last to max of 30 years, independent is for life, not till hyper inflation starts and nobody can afford anything! I'm 15 years old but I know a lot about what's going on.

  • Scotland should become an independent nation so that they can thrive economically.

    Scotland deserves a chance to be free from Great Britain as so many other nearby lands are. Scotland will likely flourish economically if it is allowed to govern itself.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • If Scotland wants to be an independent nation, there is no reason to stop them.

    While they have been a part of the United Kingdom for a long time, Scotland should not be stopped from becoming an independent nation. This decision does not take into account how well they would survive as an independent nation, only that they should be allowed to do so. There really is no reason to stop any state of any country from becoming its own nation unless by so doing the whole of the remainder of the nation would be destroyed.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Scotland is not awesome.

    We would be poor and Alex Salmond would proclaim himself "dictator for life" Next thing you know hes wearing red boots and assembling the Salmond youth, turning to Germany for support and its animal farm all over again. And we will be all like ENGLAND TAKE US BACK I LOVE YOU IM SORRY!!!!! And you know what they will say? They will say you know this big vault of gold? You what its called... it called SUCK IT!

  • The head must rule, not the heart.

    In all practicalities, Scotland would not earn nearly enough money to cover the welfare system in place or any of the public sector employment. The welfare system in Scotland costs £104 billion per annum, with 20 billion approximately being the cost of the NHS. Scotland has a GDP of between 1 and 10 billion per year -depending on which sources you examine - which includes oil royalties.

    Without the trade and only 2 million tax payers to cover the costs it is an ill-conceived idea to consider independence. It is very likely that without the Royal Mint, Post Office, Pensions and EU membership that Scotland would survive 10 years without approaching the UK to rejoin.

    On a post script note, it is worth noting that 80% of the employment in Scotland is in the Public Sector which means that some employed in the Public Sector now, would lose their jobs. All pay would be decreased with a massive surge in taxation.

  • Scotland isn't advanced enough to become independent.

    For all you idealists out there the idea of independence would be a catastrophe for Scotland. Believe me when I say I'm Scottish, but I don't believe that we would benefit at all. Scotland has a reputation for blowing money. In the past, city councils in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow have all blown money on horrible schemes where benefit living junkies lurk about. Even 300 years ago when we were independent, Scotland was in a dire state until we united with England and in the next 200 years we conquered a quarter of the world. Apart from Salmond and Sturgeon, Scotland has no other politicians that are actually smart enough for running a country by themselves. Please do not mention the magic word OIL because for all we know Scotland will probably lose links with oil companies if we separate. PLEASE VOTE NO because sooner or later we will crawl back to England and we will be united again.

  • Bad For Scotland

    I'm Scottish. Look at the facts.

    Better off? Yeah right. The oil is already drying up, in 30 years time it won't be here. So in 30 years time, a big industry is lost. We can't go back. Independence is for life, not until finances aren't comfy enough for us. What other industries? Fishing, for instance, stocks already drying up and not a big market due to tight controls already, countries like Iceland with less constraints are cornering the market.

    Reality is, even if we pay a lot towards the Government, the UK provides stability. In an economic crash we've got some more money than without the UK for sure. We are lucky already, a devolved Scottish government, separate banks, separate NHS.

    The reality is, independence sounds good on the face of it. Freedom! Money! Quality of life! Some people need a wake up call. A big part of the economy (and the downturn of it too) is from the EU. For a big country (in terms of impact) such as a complete UK, the regulations and trading can be a mix of good or bad, depending on your opinion of course. For a small, unimportant country (and yes, on its own, at least at the start, Scotland WILL be unimportant) it is a lifeline. A lot more trading, more stability, tons more stuff. Whether the EU is good for a larger country with a better economy is arguable. For a small country to get money and trade in Europe, it's a necessity. To get INTO the EU requires a lot of things. A lot of things which, as soon as Scotland separates, we won't have.

    Scotland isn't oppressed. It isn't downtrodden. It isn't the land of William Wallace, we aren't Highlanders clad in tartan preparing to fight for the right to speak Scots, play bagpipes and the right to freedom and our own land. That's hundreds of years ago. Scotland is a thriving, vibrant country with brilliant people, brilliant businesses and brilliant connections, we need the UK for that, especially economic hubs like London.

  • Please keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

    Scotland should always remain in the United Kingdom. If Scotland became independent there would be far too many problems. Firstly it would have to either take on the euro as currency, It would lose its power and those visiting England would have to use their passports to emigrate. Scotland must not leave the United Kingdom at all.

  • Scottish independence is pointless.

    If Scotland became independent it would lose Royal Mail, the security services, the BBC and other British things. It's completely pointless. The only people who want an independent Scotland are rebellious teenagers and power-hungry politicians who want to have their own country. Scotland wouldn't last a year without the rest of the U.K.

  • No! Scotland couldn't stand on its own!

    It should remain part of the United Kingdom. It has been part of Great Britain for many years now! If it did become independent many folks would start riots, fights, etc. Everyone would want to go back to the United Kingdom, and it can't just go back to normal! Scotland would struggle being an independent country. As a part of the United Kingdom we would have more power in the world. I strongly am against the fact that Scotland should become an independent country.

  • NO

    Scotland should not be independent as it lacks planning. Other nations who have become independent have had well thought out plans and have had all the necessary paper work and documents filled out. Also tax will have to be raised to pay all the extra expenses. A lot of jobs will be lost when the nuclear plant is shut down. How long will Scotland be able to keep up all there promises before they go bankrupt. the oil is a finite resource so will no provide Scotland with the necessary funds. As they will be a small nation with no certain future they will have no bargaining power in the UN (not to mention they may not even be able to be part of the UN) and other countries will no be willing to invest in them because of there uncertain future . If they were to end up in the same position of the banking bailouts Scotland would have no security blanket to fall back upon. Scotland also does not have the plans nor the power/money to exploit there resources in such a way which would support the country adequately. These are only some of many arguments for Scotland to remain as part of the UK.

  • Sounds good on paper...

    I believe that Scotland could become independent but it wouldn't work. Yes we have oil, which will run out one day, whisky and renewable energy, but to create renewable energy companies get money from the government, could the Scottish government do this? I don't think they could. I am a young Scottish girl and when I'm older I don't want to go through the hardships of trying to make up for lost money from a failed idea that seemed good on paper and many people went along with so they could get Scottish on their passport instead of British. The country has enough finance problems being part of Britain and these will become worse if we are independent because we will be left to fend for ourselves. Yes we would be able to be part of the EU but you have to go through a long process of being accepted and have to meet all of the requirements. So all in all there are more cons than pros.

  • No no no!

    After reading the yes responses it seems that those saying yes are being very patriotic and are not considering the economy. It goes back to the whole "Scottish" not "British"...Scotland being independent means more taxes and more idiots like Alex Salmond with more power, sitting sipping his Champagne to celebrate while we will have to work harder to pay for his mess and lifestyle.

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Venator says2013-04-25T01:08:36.663
Looking forward to filling in forms where I can put Scotland instead of United Kingdom
Anonymous says2013-04-26T10:02:38.800
Happy to have Trident back, thanks. Re-target on Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. Do you really think the "British" are any better or different to the Yugoslavs? Looking forward to a violent, bloody and vicious war. Than a closed border, forcible repatriation of ethnic Scots, cessation of trade and commerce. And veto Scotlands attempt to get back into the EU.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T21:46:31.627
Reading the sadly typical and woefully uninformed comments from those who don’t even have a vote in the forthcoming referendum, what strikes me is just how uninformed the writers of these comments are. It would be comical if it were not so disturbing. As a typical comment headlined “Yes from an Englishman” who remains anonymous he states “Then I say good riddance to them. Bye bye Scotland. Maybe then we English can have free university, free prescriptions and all the other perks that the “evil and oppressive” Westminster chose to give you.” Says it all really I wonder what planet the author has been living on these last few years? No wonder that wee are desperate to get as far away from these buffoons as soon as possible.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T14:56:59.350
You know, "England will probably annihilate you with nuclear weapons when they get their period..." tends to lend credance to the notion that we arent actually better together mate.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T14:59:23.580
Anonymous says, "Happy to have Trident back." Then goes on say Re-target Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. Just shows the level of English education when an idiot can write such nonsense, and no doubt believe it. Radiation doesn't respect borders. Remember Chernobyl?.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T17:13:48.663
The ignorance shown by the NO contributors is quite staggering. I am not surprised however, as any time I have travelled to England a mist of Brigadoon proportions descends behind me at the border. Hotels in my experience offer newspapers to various nationalities, but as a Scot I am given a choice of English papers, as "they are the same" I am told. Television? London centric and living in a land of past "glories". This explains the ignorance, but the arrogance and aggression on display by some is another matter. Thankfully they don't represent the majority of English people who are decent and fair minded people. As for the anti-Salmond bile pouring out of some of the Scots, they should reflect on the fact that the SNP and Salmond have consistently high approval ratings despite a Unionist media hell bent on demonising them at every turn. This says a lot for the common sense of most Scots who look around and see, for the very first time, a government looking after ALL their interests. Independence, with all of Scotland's resources to hand, will take this process to an even higher level. Vote YES. The alternative is Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and the rest of Thatcher's future acolytes.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T17:24:07.480
"Happy to have Trident back, thanks. Re-target on Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. Do you really think the "British" are any better or different to the Yugoslavs? Looking forward to a violent, bloody and vicious war. Than a closed border, forcible repatriation of ethnic Scots, cessation of trade and commerce. And veto Scotlands attempt to get back into the EU."

All the more reason to build up our armed forces and be rid of a nation of half wits like you.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T21:55:29.177
So far it's looking good for the Yes vote.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T00:03:29.770
Wooooo! Hooooooo! Puts all the other polls to shame
Andidry says2014-02-01T19:38:50.447
85% of informed people are voting YES, get informed, ignorance is a choice. After every fair debate, YES comes out on top by a huge margin. Anyone with access to the internet can inform themselves, do not trust the corrupt uk media, peddling lies and government propaganda.
k1ng says2014-02-06T18:09:25.250
People always make the assumption that because others have a different view that they are uninformed. That's so egotistical it's funny
LadyKiller.Kydd says2014-06-15T21:53:34.947
"England would go to war with Scotland if they go independent?" come ahead
StudentAnon says2014-09-07T12:34:51.407
If it is won by 90% it is always rigged.
Chareose says2014-09-10T19:33:42.523
I think the Scotts are naïve ...........We are talking about a DIVORCE. This magical Disney world that Salmon has described is completely fictitious....... Rightly or wrongly English people (despite being very fond of Scotland) generally feel that Scotland has received more than its fair share of funding from the United Kingdom.......If you go to places like Yorkshire you can see the difference..... So when divorce finally happens the dust will settle and then the back lash will start, just like in a divorce. People in the Uk will score political points from nit picking the relationship with Scotland "why are we paying for that ? And why are we paying for this?" Salmons idea is basically that the UK will protect Scotland militarily at the smallest of costs but I don't think the remainder of the UK will accept that..........

Like I said it will be a messy messy divorce and how can IT not impact both economies ...??? Ofcourse it will..........