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Bad For Scotland

  I'm Scottish. Look at the facts. Better off? Yeah right. The oil is already drying up, in 30 years time it won't be here. So in 30 years time, a big industry is lost. We can't go back. Independence is for life, not until finances aren't comfy enough for us. What other industries? Fishing, for instance, stocks already drying up and not a big market due to tight controls already, countries like Iceland with less constraints are cornering the market. Reality is, even if we pay a lot towards the Government, the UK provides stability. In an economic crash we've got some more money than without the UK for sure. We are lucky already, a devolved Scottish government, separate banks, separate NHS. The reality is, independence sounds good on the face of it. Freedom! Money! Quality of life! Some people need a wake up call. A big part of the economy (and the downturn of it too) is from the EU. For a big country (in terms of impact) such as a complete UK, the regulations and trading can be a mix of good or bad, depending on your opinion of course. For a small, unimportant country (and yes, on its own, at least at the start, Scotland WILL be unimportant) it is a lifeline. A lot more trading, more stability, tons more stuff. Whether the EU is good for a larger country with a better economy is arguable. For a small country to get money and trade in Europe, it's a necessity. To get INTO the EU requires a lot of things. A lot of things which, as soon as Scotland separates, we won't have. Scotland isn't oppressed. It isn't downtrodden. It isn't the land of William Wallace, we aren't Highlanders clad in tartan preparing to fight for the right to speak Scots, play bagpipes and the right to freedom and our own land. That's hundreds of years ago. Scotland is a thriving, vibrant country with brilliant people, brilliant businesses and brilliant connections, we need the UK for that, especially economic hubs like London.
Andy-Mac says2013-03-16T18:11:54.687
The oil will last well over 50 years - we were told in 1970 it would be gone by the mid-nineties!

The reserve can help while we diversify the economy. We already have renewable power, whiskey, Europe's biggest fisher, a good food export market, software engineering, life sciences, a coal industry and some decent manufacturing.

The economic hub of London has had decades of oil money building up its infrastructure, and now billions more have had to be spent bailing out the ridiculous notion you can base an economy on people selling second-hand bits of paper to eachother.

William Wallace has nothing to do with it (why do unionists always have to mention Braveheart?). It's about the future, about ning the world on our own terms.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T16:30:37.250
i agree with this reply...if we dont take this chance now we will forever be down trodden by English Tory rule and robbery, constantly having to pay for their mistakes and greed.... Theyre making our lives a misery....give Scotland a chance to stand alone... let us create our own economic hub......if we fail at least we have tried.
marcandsebe says2013-04-10T18:23:01.927
50 years of oil is a very short time. What about Shetland and the Orkneys. Do they want to be part of a Scottish dictatorship? My family have routes in Scotland with generations going back many years. I for one don't think Salmond has what it takes to run a pub, let alone a country.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T20:21:10.210
First Minister Alex Salmond and his government have been running the country with devolved powers fairly well since 2007...
Anonymous says2013-04-30T13:43:31.600
New oil can be found tomorrow or whenever. You can't really use "the oil wont last forever" as an excuse to say no to independence because noone knows when it will run out and noone knows if we'll find more and more.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:14:40.337
Have you ever been to Norway? Their quality of life is a huge amount better than Scotland due to Oil revenue and managing themselves properly.
Anonymous says2013-06-03T13:18:24.373
Avoid an economic crash by simply having a state owned bank that prints and circulates its own money. Invest oil revenues into renewable energy resources. Do you know we give electricity to England? I think you'll find it's England that needs us.
saysitinthebook says2013-11-23T02:32:20.720
If you are Scottish you should be ashamed to think we couldn't do it. One thing that sticks out. Is the docks in goven why are all our egg shells in one basket at Westminster England has nothing to offer us. And has been slowing down the hole country trying to hold onto the empire thoses days there gone. It's a new age. A fresh direction is needed Westminster can stick there Union....
golfmk4 says2014-02-16T20:14:54.487
Who knows what 30 years holds for anybody none of us now whats round a corner to say that scotland couldnt manage on its own its rubbish I am a scottish person and very proud to be scottish
Dscott_aberdeen says2014-03-12T03:23:56.013
Continue to bend over and take it from Westminster if you will but I'm out, no matter how bad it is I'm out I frankly don't care what the consequences are post oil, I'm still out. At least we will have 30 years of oil and we won't have thrown it all down the drain. Besides without oil we really will be the beggars of the UK then and I certainly never want my kids to have to rely on a handout from a Westminster government. In 30 years we will have built a balanced economy, the problem with the UK is the industrial sector has been snuffed out because of London-centric fiscal policies! London rule is selfishly for Londoners alone.
Scotbrit says2014-04-24T17:21:17.377
So you basically just hate England? Let's hope you don't have the right to vote. No time for bigots.
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:52:08.413
They told us those lies in 1979 and it's still there.
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