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Scotland should become an independent nation so that they can thrive economically.

  Scotland deserves a chance to be free from Great Britain as so many other nearby lands are. Scotland will likely flourish economically if it is allowed to govern itself.
Simpson999 says2013-04-03T21:37:36.913
Yeah but Scotland can thrive successfully as a member of the united kingdom and remember it is just Britain who has economical crisis. Economical crises are all over the world
Anonymous says2013-04-05T13:52:55.233
Simpson999: Are you realy saying that we could thrive under the U.K? Because we wouldn't, the only reason Great Britain was a super power (and right now a minor power) is because we had the empire, we don'tn anymore, after we lost the empire everything went downhill, were damned if we stay were damned if we go, at least if we ge independence we'll be a little better of: Westminiter published a report on Scottish independence saying that Scotlands anual income is more than our share of the national dept, we would also have the oil money in the North Sea, the avereage Scott would also only be £1 worse of.

(I appologise for my poor grammer, spelling and punctuation)
Anonymous says2013-05-01T17:46:36.610
Not all countries are suffering economic crises. Scandinavia is doing fine.
Jellyfrog says2013-08-15T14:13:49.217
How? Tell me in what world Scotland will do better on its own than as a part of the UK... Scotland gets more out of Westminster than it puts in!
JonAllan says2013-11-28T00:34:06.413
II think that independence is good for the English and the Scots .Lets face it we already see ourselves as separate nations.I am English but I am technically Scottish too as my grandfather was Scottish .My family name is Scottish and I am proud of my Scottish and English roots.We should live in harmony as repected brothers.Lets stop the wishy washy British talk and respect each others histories.Long live Scotland and long live England.
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