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Democracy and responsibility

  There are ten times as many folk in England. They often vote in a way we do not support. We end up getting what they chose by virtue of nothing more than mathematics. This democratic deficit leads to Scotland being regionalized as a people and an economy, to a devaluing of ourselves, and social inequality at the 4th worst in Europe. This is corrosive to our identity and culture. Scotland needs true democracy and the responsibility that comes with it, and that's just not possible in the U.K.
Andy-Mac says2013-03-16T17:58:25.030
The UK is the most unequal state in the Western world - and the 4th biggest spender on "defence" globally.

Within this Scotland is a minority voice. They say that we "walk taller" and "speak louder" in the UK but we get the nuclear weapons we don't want dumped on the Clyde and our vast fishery gets sacrificed in EU negotiations to secure the rebate.

Scotland needs to cooperate internationally and negotiate our relationships with the world on our own terms pushing for our own interests. The UK is an ex-colonial power in terminal decline, and Scotland ill forever be an afterthought to London.
Anonymous says2013-04-19T14:05:19.020
You’re post shows a complete lack of knowledge concerning the UK Electoral system. Yes, Scotland is governed by a Conservative-led coalition government at Westminster when we only have one Conservative MP up here, but surely our participation in UK General Elections fulfils the democratic rights of the people of Scotland. Scotland’s love affair with the Labour Party has dramatically affected the outcome of UK elections yet we heard none of this ‘democratic deficit’ nonsense then. Some people win elections, others lose. You can’t cherry pick democracy.

I suggest after you’ve watching Braveheart this evening you head down to the library and withdraw several books concerning democracy.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:18:08.493
@Anonymous - Every UK government since WWII has been decided by the votes of England. If you remove the scottish votes you still end up with the same party in government in the UK. ON THE OTHER HAND Scotland has to put up with parties it doesnt choose over 50% of the time.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T18:29:59.147
Exactly. Scotland's votes have almost no bearing whatsoever on outcome of elections in England.
jpd1009 says2014-02-18T01:06:31.550
Spot on mate!
Scotbrit says2014-04-24T17:24:20.830
So basically let's throw our toys out the pram because we don't agree with democracy? Most of the North of England vote labour aswell does that mean they should hold a independence referendum?
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