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Scotland isn't advanced enough to become independent.

  For all you idealists out there the idea of independence would be a catastrophe for Scotland. Believe me when I say I'm Scottish, but I don't believe that we would benefit at all. Scotland has a reputation for blowing money. In the past, city councils in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow have all blown money on horrible schemes where benefit living junkies lurk about. Even 300 years ago when we were independent, Scotland was in a dire state until we united with England and in the next 200 years we conquered a quarter of the world. Apart from Salmond and Sturgeon, Scotland has no other politicians that are actually smart enough for running a country by themselves. Please do not mention the magic word OIL because for all we know Scotland will probably lose links with oil companies if we separate. PLEASE VOTE NO because sooner or later we will crawl back to England and we will be united again.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T15:59:51.210
saying we have no other intelligent politicians is utter nonsense...watch them emerge once we are independant
Anonymous says2013-03-31T12:23:44.460
All the intelligant ones are down in England, Im not even going to bother arguing with people that come up with pathetic excuses. Can you even name any good polititions who are smart enough to run a country on its own?
Anonymous says2013-04-06T12:22:56.560
So we cant be independent cos we're stupid as a country? Thanks for helping me make up my mind.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T22:16:52.847
Look at how the polititions act in westminster compared to holyrood. In Westminster they shout and scream at each other across the room like 5 year olds! Meanwhile in holyroood they are sitting waiting for their turn to speak like civilised adults.

You tell me who is going to find a better solution to a problem.
Anonymous says2013-04-08T22:55:34.667
I am Scottish also and I for one agree entirely sir/madam, I can't wait til we get the vote just to prove to each and every follower of an independant Scotland wrong, I am genuinely tired of hearing from friends/family how much England are at fault for our problems. Apart from idiotic statements about 'The English hate us' eld' Maggie Thatcher Bringing in the council tax etc.. We are a backwards country. Sure we have oil and gas but these are not infinite resources, whats going to happen when these run out in the future.. FRANCE? Sod any problems we have had with England that would have drew us apart, we will regret this decision and will just end up crawling right back to where we already once were or attempt to mooch off another nation. Just look at the state of southern ireland and how long they have been in that state. Go on, go independent. See what you do to us. As long as we can re-join when this is all over I will be sitting smug.
Anonymous says2013-04-14T06:10:41.010
Too wee, too poor, too stupid...Pathetic, gutless and pathetic. The Parties that are blowing money, as you put it, are run by WESTMINSTER. They are not working in the interests of Scotland. They have another master.
Venator says2013-04-25T01:25:01.297
So conquering half the world is something to proud of?. I take it you refer to the Empire?. All Empires are built on theft and slavery. If you are proud to have ancestors who were thieves and slavers then so be it, I for one am not.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T21:24:34.173
Scotland was not bankrupt in 1707, the Nobles were - Scotland had no National Debt http://wingsoverscotland.Com/weekend-essay-skintland-britnat-mythology-and-the-darien-scheme/

"In the past, city councils in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow have all blown money on horrible schemes where benefit living junkies lurk about"

These were all built before there was a Holyrood Parliament to that's Westminsters fault for you - and at the time they meant well... They just didn't execute it very effectively.

As for your comment on OIL its laughable to say the least.

I work in the Oil industry and believe me that the companies would not break links to Scotland because its independent. Why would they? We will still have over 90% of the oil in our waters (and 60+% of the gas too).
Anonymous says2013-05-18T00:41:45.243
You keep saying about Oil but tell me why is the United Kingdom not benefiting from all this OIL, the fact your saying that we have all this oil doesn't mean we know how to spend it. Norway have and they are one the richest countries in the world but I'm pretty sure they don't have a lot of alcoholic teenagers and people living on benefits when really all they have is a sore head. GET THIS IDEA INTO YOUR HEAD, SCOTLAND DOES NOT HAVE THE MENTALITY TO BECOME INDEPENDENT
Keith_Hynd says2014-02-02T17:41:22.027
I forced myself to read on after the "benefit living junkies" statement. Let's take that one first, you have categorised everyone on benefits as junkies! Are you a Telegraph reader? Blowing money on horrible schemes, might I remind you the DWP have spent millions on new computer systems in order to cut benefits to the most needy and then realise they don't work and rite them off AT OUR EXPENSE. 300 years ago the common people of Scotland were in dire straits but that was 300 years ago, but, the reason for the treaty of union was not to help the common people it was to bail out the Lords and greedy landowners who tried and failed with their own "Darien project" which was meant to make them a fortune and didn't so in order to save THEMSELVES they sign the treaty and sold the common people of Scotland down the river. In the next 200 years we conquered a quarter of the world! And you're proud of that are you? Forcing the entire nation of China into heroine in order to improve the British Empires trade profits. Building concentration camps in South Africa when they fought against the Empire,,, you're proud of all of that are you? I won't go into the Sturgeon Salmond comment as you obviously have no concept of democracy (300 years of brainwashing) just because Labour in Scotland is a bunch of muppets does not mean they will remain in parliament in an independent Scotland, Labour will return to their socialist roots in order to win votes and stay in the game simple. Your comments on oil are ludicrous you honestly think oil companies won't play ball just because Scotland is independent they will pay the revenues due to any government as long as they can still extract oil and make profits. You honestly need to think a bit more deeply about the views you harbor and have published here.
Dscott_aberdeen says2014-03-12T03:12:21.197
Ha ha ha, laughable post if it wasn't so idiotic.

I work for a large oil company and the biggest damage that I've seen done was Osborns tax grab which took a lot of Oil companies joining together to force a uturn and a lot of time wasted and seeds sown that Britain is not a stable political play.

Scotland will be a much more stable play because the Scottish government needs oil and gas wealth for the economy much more than London rulers do.

As for the rest of the rubbish you posted, others have put you in your place above and I agree.
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:53:36.443
Any and the UK Governments Don't? Wake up and smell the coffee.
Ml94x says2014-08-25T23:10:52.157
Oil is not our only resource...All I can say is vote yes if you want a decent society and actually keep decisions in scotland. Disability allowance cut by Westminster!! All that needs said.
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