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If the English people really knew

  If the English peoples really knew about what goes on in Scotland they would not be so quick to condemn Scottish Independence. There are of course many reasons that they want Scots to stay in the Union, however, there is a lack of what is actually good for Scots. In 1979 Scotland held a referendum on Independence, and by democratic standards they won it. However, a late change in the voting system by a labour Westminster MP. All who did not vote were taken as a NO vote, and yes this included the recent dead! Scots were Royally cheated, what would the English have said if it had been them? Scots have been constantly been considered as benefit junkies and the like, and are heavily subsidised by Westminster. Figure now prove, it is certainly NOT the case, Scots pay more than their share of tax revenues and actually get less back. We should be a rich country, we are not, we have ever more poor roads, and generally poor infrastructure. In an Independent country this will be a priority to be addressed, it is not going to happen within the Union, who are content in keeping Scots down. Taxes from our shoreline go to Westminster unlike other parts of the UK. We also have many area's that would shine more with Independence, more exports, more agriculture, more renewable energy, more fishing industry. It goes on. We would no longer have our soldiers die in illegal wars. We no longer would have Trident within 30 miles of our major population and city of Glasgow. Note Westminster does not want Trident down there, but as usual it is ok if Scots are at risk. So, no, Scots are not too wee, not too weak, nor too stupid. Independence will lead to a Scotland the rUK can learn from. There is no doubt that we also seek to be close friends with our neighbours, any bad feeling in Scotland is directed at Westminster politicians not the peoples of England, Wales or N. Ireland. However, the right to form our own future is undeniable, and it is something the doubters should think of. It is called democracy, something that is becoming more desirable to everyone in the Uk, if not Westminster.
Anonymous says2013-03-20T21:55:27.513
well.... lie, lie.. oh yeah! one more lie. Just sayin but i am scottish
Anonymous says2013-04-12T10:20:32.623
Not a word of it was a lie, so I have no clue what you're on about Anon, and I too am Scottish. And seemingly a more well informed one.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T14:15:23.067
The only thing he got wrong was that the 1979 referendum was on devolution not independence. Labour MP, George Cunningham representing the London constituency of Islington, added the 40% rule essentially marshalling the votes of the recently dead, relocated or disinterested as effectively voting No. The referendum returned a majority of Yes votes which was subsequently ignored and Scotland coontinued to be run by a cabal of Government MP(s) behind closed doors for another 18 years, as it had been the 94 years prior.

Anonymous says2013-05-12T02:59:21.177
The referendum in 1979 was on devolution not independence. This will be our first, and probably our last chance, in my life time, to be rid of this Scab they call a union. I just heard of one woman who has committed suicide as a result of Westminster policies, the Bedroom Tax. She wasn't Scottish, at least to my knowledge, but you can rest assured the government lying machine is working overtime to deny responsibility. If they don't care about their own why would they care about us Scots?. Only one solution, cut them loose and let them drown in their own lies and deciet.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T18:56:21.030
I agree to this post. Just ignore those who are hateful, they have no true knowledge of what would be better for Scotland and Scots. Good job and God bless. People want Scotland to remain to U.K. Because of the U.K.'s reputation and public state. U.K. Will significantly decrease in political status, money, and other income from the Universities, companies, and so forth. The U.K. Is a selfish game.
Scotbrit says2014-04-24T17:14:13.290
The 1979 referendum was for devolution, it wasn't for independence. Guess what..? We were granted it in a second referendum 19 years later. So please don't lie.
McAlex says2014-07-03T14:14:18.337
Once again I feel the need to point out the correlation between bad grammar and nationalism...
ThomasAnonymous says2014-08-28T14:05:47.343
It's a total farcical lie that Scotland pays in more than the fair share - these prices are inflated by assuming 83.3% of gas and oil revenue belongs to Scotland, instead of the 8.3% (equivalent to their percentage population) that it should be. If you account for this, Scotland pays in 8.2% of the UK total, compared to it's 8.3% population percentage! The case is even more damning, when you consider the money it takes out! UK spending on Scotland is at 9.3%, this time higher than its population percentage.
But once again, there's this total double standard, with pro-Scottish voters insisting that North Oil Sea and Gas belongs disproportionately to them, just because it's located off the Scottish coast (despite the massive UK spending in infrastructure and investment to achieve this revenue, not to mention preferential rates the UK government negotiated), and yet when it comes to the Bank of England and the Sterling, they insist that Scotland owns it just as much as they do. Well, hang on a sec, first of all, how does 8.3% (less if you count Scotland's poor relative economic performance) contribute equal ownership? Second of all, why should you be allowed to reap all the benefits of being in the Union, without supporting it?
It's time for you right-wing nationalist types to grow up and realise that the UK pays for your comfortable lives, your free university education, free healthcare and better living standards, off it's own back, not yours. Stay or go, personally, I don't care, as both situations are bad for us, but please don't push this total lie that you deserve any better than the already preferential package you've got.
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