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If Scotland wants to be an independent nation, there is no reason to stop them.

  While they have been a part of the United Kingdom for a long time, Scotland should not be stopped from becoming an independent nation. This decision does not take into account how well they would survive as an independent nation, only that they should be allowed to do so. There really is no reason to stop any state of any country from becoming its own nation unless by so doing the whole of the remainder of the nation would be destroyed.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T15:48:01.120
exactly!...which is why so many people are afraid of us leaving them
Anonymous says2013-04-20T14:37:32.123
Maybe because we are better together?
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:47:57.547
Constantly saying were better together and yet castigating us a "SCROUNGERS" doesnt exactly inspire confidence. Why dont we just make our own decisions and then you wont 'FEEL' hard done by and we wont ACTUALLY be hard done by.
Anonymous says2013-06-01T19:33:50.333
The right to self-determination is very important. England should benefit from a referendum on the Scottish issue. After all, this is all about money and the English should vote on the terms of the divorce.
Anonymous says2013-06-17T22:01:02.363
@Anonymous on the terms of divorce

You are way off the mark and that is why you and your countrymen wont be getting any vote on the terms of separation. To think this is only about the money shows your ignorance both to the situation and the psyche of the Scots in general. This is everything to do with pride and self determination and telling you lot to get stuffed.
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