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No! Scotland couldn't stand on its own!

  It should remain part of the United Kingdom. It has been part of Great Britain for many years now! If it did become independent many folks would start riots, fights, etc. Everyone would want to go back to the United Kingdom, and it can't just go back to normal! Scotland would struggle being an independent country. As a part of the United Kingdom we would have more power in the world. I strongly am against the fact that Scotland should become an independent country.
Andy-Mac says2013-03-16T18:25:00.620
What a low opinion of your country you have!

This is what they call "the cringe".

FYI there were riots in every Scottish city when the union was signed in 1707, and there were no riots in Scotland 2 years back when England was being looted by hooligans.

We're not as stupid and useless as you seem to believe.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T16:49:47.570
agree with Andy-Mac.......the current government are causing us too much trouble in the wider world in my opinion and bringing us too much unfair debt we didnt ask for!
Anonymous says2013-04-08T16:21:29.920
I agree with Andy- Mac, that is a sad, depressing post and all the more so because it lacks any ambition or positivity for your country's future. Your reasons for staying in the union are all one of fear - what about a brighter future? Scotland can do better, take off the blinkers and see.
Anonymous says2013-04-14T06:41:42.727
Riots and fights? Really? Like Poll tax riots or looting in Croydon, Brixton and Toxteth? The UK has 'more power' in the world. To do what exactly? What benefit is that, please tell, because I am dying to know? Scotland does not want to play soildiers any more. We want a prosperous, mature, bright, educated and intelligent nation who takes part in the world without seeking 'power' over it.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T23:21:57.650
Broke,austerity cuts, right wing policies endorsed by all three major parties ,is that what you consider a 'normal 'country aspires for its people ?
Anonymous says2013-04-30T11:08:14.757
It has always been a part of Great Britain, which is an island. Or, do you mean the UK?

We have had enough of Wasteminster and the rotting vestige of its democracy"

Red Pill, Blue Pill. Same Tories just a different hue.

It is not for us and we are going.

God Luck to all the decent English, Welsh and N Irish we leave behind, they will need it to counteract the democratic deficit we are quting.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T19:56:15.717
Written by a cabbage
Anonymous says2013-05-05T10:20:41.943
Please do some internet research - the truth is out there! Maybe try Googling the McCrone Report first. Also,not one single country that has broken away from UK rule has ever wanted to go back to it.
Keith_Hynd says2014-02-02T14:15:58.730
The last time there were major riots and fights in Scotland was when Thatcher introduced the poll tax, I think you should have a think about that. Scotland is and has been for many many years struggling simply because of the mismanagement of Westminster. Lastly I would like to point out to you this power you speak of, what exactly is that? The power that the UK has, has diminished over the years and at present the power that the UK has left is used not to help the people of these islands but rather it is used to interfere in other countries affairs and to enter into illegal wars. I would put it to you that, WE DON'T LIVE WITHIN AN EMPIRE ON WHICH THE SUN NEVER SETS. We live in a group of islands where we are represented by a bunch of political elite who have no other agenda other than the furthering of their careers and the support of the rich, and I say that with reference to which ever party is in power in Westminster. Wake up and smell the coffee.
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:57:32.517
It's comments like those that make me glad to be Scottish. You're having a laugh surely?
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