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Please keep Scotland in the United Kingdom.

  Scotland should always remain in the United Kingdom. If Scotland became independent there would be far too many problems. Firstly it would have to either take on the euro as currency, It would lose its power and those visiting England would have to use their passports to emigrate. Scotland must not leave the United Kingdom at all.
Andy-Mac says2013-03-16T17:52:06.113
There's free movement between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, so why would there be problems for Scotland?

This is the 21st century, and moving political power from London to Edinburgh is not going to be half as traumatic as you think.

Regarding the Euro, Scotland wouldn't qualify as we don't have a sovereign currency to (voluntarily) enter the ERM with. That's how Sweden "agrees to the Euro in principle" but doesn't have to adopt it.
donald.keller says2013-03-17T11:44:15.320
Wrong. Scotland isn't a strong place with a potential economy. Being apart of the UK boosts their economy and influence drastically. It is similar to a small US state leaving. While it's apart of something much bigger, it's got something going for it, but if it leaves, it crashes.

If you visit Scotland, you'd see a large population (the vast majority) would never want to leave the UK.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T16:23:26.313
are you joking?....the English dont subsidise us....its our input thats been keeping them afloat..we leave and youll soon see that for sure..which is why this is all just scaremongering
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:08:33.707
Donald Donald... You have been watching too much BBC and Unionist propaganda. Scotland is a perfectly viable country.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T18:02:44.997
Nicky, Scotland would not be using the Euro for a very imple reason. It does not have its own currency. Without its own currency it cannot join the exchange rate mechanism (ERM II) and if it cannot join ERM II it cannot join the Euro.
Even if Scotland did have its own currency, joining the ERM II is voluntary. So despite countries like Bulgaria, Sweden, Romania and Hungary all being required to join the Euro as a condition of membership, none have done so as the "rules" are alot more flexible than the No campaign is letting on. In fact, Romania has delayed joining the Euro indefinitely.
Some on here have already cited the Rep of Ireland and UK example concerning passports. There are also arrangements between the Isle of Mann and the Channel Islands (all not part of the UK). Passport arrangements have been formed between the UK and these other countries based on what is practicle. Perhaps you could explain why, if Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the IoMann are able to have arrangements that mean that passports are not neccessary for travel, why would Scotland be any different.
The tactic of the No campaign is to use scares like these to make people vote no. Theses scares fly face of the facts.

Ask yourself this, given that these stories are total nonsense and complete lies. Is a union which is held together on fear and dishonesty worth keeping? I have yet to hear a true POSITIVE reason for staying in the union. Just smears and scares. Where is the HOPE for the union? What is its FUTURE? How will it make people's lives BETTER? What sort of UK will we be living in in 15 years time?

13 years of New Labour, 3 years of Tories. The union is bust. We can do better. If we only could lose the fear and take our future into our own hands. This nation needs confidence, not talked down at every turn.
Anonymous says2013-05-02T07:39:44.990
Donald .....Scotland subsidises the rest of the UK, that's a checkable FACT (see GERS figures) and that fact has actually been reported, even in the mainstream unionist media, since the early 1950's (albeit very quietly) ....I suggest you check real information and formulate a properly considered opinion before reaching conclusions. The British Nationalist stance is based on nothing but marketing spin - of irrational scaremongering, to people who are too lazy to think for themselves ...It's much easier just to put your fingers in your ears and just repeat the mantras, right !
Anonymous says2013-05-07T22:18:25.590
Scotland should stay with the uk for its best interests however for England and Wales, Scotland is just a burden
Anonymous says2013-05-08T14:16:06.847
"Scotland should stay with the uk for its best interests however for England and Wales, Scotland is just a burden "

I see there are still some comedians about. It should have been phrased the other way around.
Anonymous says2013-07-08T15:49:59.300
The SNP says: "Scotland will inherit and remain part of the Common Travel Area which has existed between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, for many decades, and means that no passports are required to travel across these borders, as at present."
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:55:30.837
What a load of crap. There will be an open border policy between Scotland and England.
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