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Yes - from an Englishman.

  Yes to independence, that is if the Scots want it and their decision is well informed and not just weighted towards Salmond's propaganda. Then I say good riddance to them. Bye bye Scotland.. Maybe then we English can have free university, free prescriptions, and all the other perks that the "evil and oppressive" Westminster chose to give you. I would absolutely love to see Scotland go it alone, so long as they take their impressive share of the national debt with them and give up everything that comes with being British (currency, bail outs, public services, military technology, etc)... which lets face it, I bet they won't. If Scotland went independent then fingers crossed we wouldn't have to hear how evil the English are all the time from whiny and scarily right-winged Braveheart fans. And the irony? That it's socially acceptable to publicly express hatred of the English, to be sanctimonious and wave the Saltire, but should anyone dare complain about the Scots, or even be proud of Great Britain's achievements, then they're labeled the xenophobe! If England's so bad, why do so many Scots live down there? And I must just say that yes we know there isn't currently a Scotsman leading the union, thankfully, because the last one that did shafted all of us so hard that we'll be trying to recover from it for some time yet. Be very careful what you wish for, Scotland. If you do go independent, there are many who think it should be a one way deal, no coming back. No more money. It'll be a sad day if the union is broken up, but at the end of the day, some people just cannot see sense no matter how hard you try to convince them - they're just too blinded by the moral substance of Mel Gibson and his wholly inaccurate depiction of 13th century British history.
Anonymous says2013-03-24T17:49:51.853
The Scots have a dry sense of humour and their so called hatred of the English is often part of that humour but i don't detect any humour in your rant about the Scots .. a lot of hatred there i think so where's the difference ? Division of the UK would be a sad day . As a Scot from Edinburgh i didn't grow up with any instilled hatred of the English and don't have any relatives or friends who do . I think there is a section of the youth in particular who will be swayed by the 'Brave Heart ' influence so you're right there but most Scots will be smart enough to realise that was just a film and no more.
Anonymous says2013-03-26T11:58:14.060
Your comments are deeply disturbing. there is so much hate there for the Scottish and as a Scottish citizen who has lived here all my life, I find it upsetting that this is how the English think of us. I promise you I have never shown hatred towards the English and don't know anyone who does. I myself am still unsure about the decision to go independent or not. But the attitude I have seen across many forums has concluded that a lot of English citizens really don't want to be associated with Scotland anymore. An early poll revealed that story as well. Maybe that's something else to keep into account when we vote...
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:26:42.323
Scotland produces 9.9% of UK Taxation, accounts for 9.3% of UK spending and makes up 8.4% of the UK population. In other words we subsidise you - "No more money"
Anonymous says2013-04-29T16:35:47.310
You don't think Cameron is a Scottish name then? Good luck with the shafting.
scotpol1314 says2013-04-29T19:17:51.087
Your hatred of all things Scottish is quite disturbing.
Your ignorance of facts is also quite dismaying ,the free tuition fees ,prescriptions etc you refer to are not free they are paid out of general taxation or our pocket money from Westminster if you prefer.
Westminster chooses to charge students £9,000 per year and spend another £100 billion on WMD those like our no student fees are political choices ,or do you also view WMD as Free.
None of these things as you allude were "given" to us by Westminster ,indeed every Westminster party tried to stop these social just policies.
Your lack of knowledge on all things Scottish makes me think of the mark Twain quote " better to say nothing and be presumed to be a fool ,rather than open your mouth and confirm it"
hen.broon says2013-04-29T20:25:34.673
Why do near 400,000 English nationals live very happily in Scotland? Yu are quite cl;early an ill educated oik from the BNP or UKIP
Adam2 says2013-12-09T18:05:31.873
Like you ever gave Scotland anything. Your country was purely elitist. That's what it was. To loot and steal.
swifty_mcvay says2014-01-29T20:38:57.563
Scotland votes left, has done for decades. One of the reasons for a yes vote is to escape the shackles of the "scarily right wing" ENGLISH
swifty_mcvay says2014-01-29T20:39:58.280
Where do UKIP, the BNP and the EDL have the majority of their support? Glasgow? Aberdeen?
Scot says2014-02-07T23:38:37.667
A lot of hate from this English man towards the scots. I feel sorry for him and his family, it's hate like this that gets passed down through generations, it's people like him that give the English a bad name and I would say the very same to a Scot who hated the English as much. Maybe anger management would have been a better site for this poor man instead of here.
Philbert says2014-03-02T19:56:53.480
Something to consider- the UK bases their nuclear weapons (the Trident system) in subs which require the use of Scotland's deepwater ports. The Scots (according to polls) strongly oppose nuclear weapons, and as an independent nation, they would likely not allow the UK keep using their sovereign land for nukes. (Plus, Trident is extremely expensive, and the Scots will save a fair amount of money by not subsidizing Trident). The UK's main alternatives , if they want to keep Trident, is to get France or the U.S. agree to be the new home for their subs. Not very desirable for the UK- but something to to think about.
Dscott_aberdeen says2014-03-12T02:38:54.727
Misguided post to say the least it's not about anti English sentiment it is about fairness. The north of England Wales and Northern Ireland also need to break free of the shackles of London rule for Londoners.

The rest of the uk is being snuffed out by London rule.

So scotland have a route out and god willing we will take it let's hope we do or we will all be living in London working within 2 squares miles of one another because that will soon be the only place with any decent jobs.

Your a fool if you think that brave heart has anything to do with it.

Incidentally we are in less debt as an independent country, because we are 9.9 % GDP and 8.7% of population and it was London fiscal policies with the banks that got us into this financial mess, on the contrary GB as PM did what anyone else would have done in the same situation propped up the banks to stop the whole lot coming down like a house of cards.
MartinHardie says2014-03-30T13:18:01.277
Your ignorance is pathetic.
Free tuition fees and free prescriptions have had nothing to do with Westminster. Both come from devolution powers. Westminster does not serve the interests of the Scottish people. Trident is the perfect example. The vast majority of the Scottish population are against trident, but still it is being kept in Scottish waters. Hardly democratic. Same with the bedroom tax. If times were different and we were living in the time of Clement Attlee then there wouldn't be such a call for independence. But today, with the threat of privatization of the NHS etc. the Scottish people are fed up. The welfare state is being dismantled, and Westminster currently isn't doing anything to help the impoverished.
Democracy in Scotland is fundamentally wrong. In the last 35 years we have been served by a government that we did not vote for, 22 of they years. There is currently only 1 tory MP in Scotland.
When there are places in Scotland that the life expectancy is significantly lower than in Iraq, that is when you know a change is needed. Something has to be done for the less fortunate in our society, and with Westminster not doing so, many Scots feel the need to take action. Nothing to do with anglophobia.
The mistake you are making is referring to Scots being anglophobic. Sure there will be a very small minority who are anglophobic just like there will be a few Englishmen who do not like the Scots. But the majority of what you are declaring as hatred of the English is purely banter. A bit of humour and rivalry. If you are a Celtic fan, you don't want Rangers to do well. If you are a Manchester City fan, you don't support Manchester United. Just like if you are a fan of the Scotland football team (or any sport for that matter) you don't support the English team. Maybe us in the north just have a deluded comical sense, who knows.
Personally, I don't believe a currency union is in the best interest of the Scots. But for England, there is no better alternative. The bank of England will have some control over Scottish fiscal policy and taxation, and the pound will be stronger together.
And the way you make us sound like a so-called subsidy junkie, bare this in mind. Scotland contributes 9.5% of UK taxes but only receives 9.3% of public spending. So your argument that Scotland is living off the English is completely without foundation.
For the majority of the last 15 years, Scotland has been running on a surplus budget, whilst the rest of the UK have been running a deficit, so our share of the national debt, as a percentage should be significantly lower than that of the rest of Great Britain.
Sure there are some valid points you could bring up to support what you are saying, but you haven't. Re-evaluate your argument, buddy
Jonathan_484 says2014-04-18T09:07:54.537
We can elect the government we think cares most about Scotland a government that will look after the interests of people living here.
That means we can choose a better path. And it means we will be able to focus 100% on making Scotland better.
For example, we could choose to reverse the UK government's tax cut for the very wealthiest in society and instead restore the higher level of tax allowance for our pensioners. Being independent means the revenue from our vast offshore renewable energy will come to Scotland, allowing us to benefit communities across the country. We can work more effectively to attract companies to Scotland, and help businesses already here grow, allowing us to create more jobs.

Also we make billions of oil and whisky
Thegman says2014-08-26T13:25:21.277
Get a grip man.. Who's meant to have a chip on their shoulder?
You've got a whole fish supper..
Mike01506 says2014-09-07T11:20:37.663
I agree with most of what this guy's opinion says.
1rishPotato says2015-08-28T18:19:53.670
"If England's so bad, why do so many Scots live down there?"

If Scotland is so stupid, why do so many British live up there?

Look, the Scots may be a proud people, but sometimes it's interesting to see what comes out of the unknown. I know for a fact that Scotland is "capable" of being a strong independent nation, despite the potential flaws that may come out of it all.

Maybe it is time to see Scotland as her own person? I say go for it...
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