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  Scotland should not be independent as it lacks planning. Other nations who have become independent have had well thought out plans and have had all the necessary paper work and documents filled out. Also tax will have to be raised to pay all the extra expenses. A lot of jobs will be lost when the nuclear plant is shut down. How long will Scotland be able to keep up all there promises before they go bankrupt. the oil is a finite resource so will no provide Scotland with the necessary funds. As they will be a small nation with no certain future they will have no bargaining power in the UN (not to mention they may not even be able to be part of the UN) and other countries will no be willing to invest in them because of there uncertain future . If they were to end up in the same position of the banking bailouts Scotland would have no security blanket to fall back upon. Scotland also does not have the plans nor the power/money to exploit there resources in such a way which would support the country adequately. These are only some of many arguments for Scotland to remain as part of the UK.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T17:13:17.003
fear and scaremongering..Scotland are more likely to fail under current Tory rule
marcandsebe says2013-04-10T17:27:41.067
Talking of the bail out of the Scottish banks and the billions of UK tax payers money used. If the yes vote goes ahead and wins, should this large amount of money be returned to the UK on a Scottish exit. I think so. This independence is all for Salmonds ego.
Anonymous says2013-04-14T06:55:23.783
Because we don't have the necessary paperwork? Has the computer said no as well?
Anonymous says2013-04-29T16:28:54.803
The banks are international organisations and the liabilities are due int he countries in which they were run up. Thats why the USA also bailed out RBS.

Does having Halifax in the name make HBOS the problem of the people of Halifax? Is the Royal Bank of Scotland the fault of the Queen?


The banking crisis happened under the FSA watch and as a result of Westminster regulation and policies.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T16:36:49.333
Well, there is the best no argument I've seen yet "we would have to fill in a form". Please tell me these are spoof posts. I'm getting scared that these No jokers are real people with votes.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T14:44:04.883
1. HBoS and RBS are regulated in London not Edinburgh.
2. 90% of RBS and HBoS employees are employed in the UK outwith Scotland.
3. HBoS and RBS pay all of their corporation tax and their employees pay all of their tax and national insurance to HM Treasury not Holyrood.
4. 80% of all losses at HBos and RBS were from their London based operations.
5. Over the past decade alone RBS has paid some £16 billion in corporation tax to the UK

So, the UK Government basically paid £65 billion to bail out RBS and HBoS two UK banks, the shares they currently own however will net around £50-60 billion of that money back so the net cost is around £10-15 billion, pocket change.

The real lendor here of course was actually the US Federal Reserve, who had to hand over £400 billion pounds to both banks in emergency loans because the UK couldnt afford to keep them afloat. Never forget, it was the US federal reserve who bailed out UK banks not the UK. Also try and remember that both HBoS and RBS are UK banks, taxed by the UK and regulated by the UK.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:30:08.517
@Toadstool and marcandsebe. Lol I think you two are on majic mushies. RBS and BOS are UK banks not Scottish Banks and the losses were made in London not Edinburgh and by the same token shouldn't Westminster, who were supposed to be regulating the banks along with the BOE, then pay back all the revenue which has been mis-spent and robbed from Scotland?.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T06:24:36.643
OMG I seriously hope, no pray your the type of person the better no brigade send round peoples doors to persuade them to vote no, the'll be out in their millions to vote yes to shut clowns like you up, you are a gift to the yes campaign please keep posting, PLEASE
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:59:23.247
And you think we are stupid to go down this road blind. Christ! Glad you ain't voting.
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