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  We are fed up with England thinking they are best. England is nothing without Scotland. England is just scared they are running out of money and don't think Scotland will help them! Freedom will be ours one day and that will be the greatest day in history! Come on Scotland, make the right choice and vote yes to independence!
Simpson999 says2013-04-03T21:36:19.237
This is just a personal opinion this has nothing to do with Scotland and England. At the end we are all british people
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:44:32.570
No. In the end we are all people. But I am Scottish and I see no problem in Scotland being governed by the people of Scotland
Anonymous says2013-05-20T21:36:10.183
I believe in independence but I can’t stand to hear anti-English guff or over use of the word ‘freedom’. I want those who vote ‘yes’ to do it for Scotland alone and not consider England, Norway, Ireland, The Isle of Mann or any other near by nation while doing so.

Simpson999: We are British and we shall still be British in an Independent Scotland, perhaps the perception of what British is will finally change. Norwegians are Scandinavian and Italians are Mediterranean. A Geographic and cultural similarly with other nations but not a nation in itself.
Anonymous says2013-06-20T22:13:11.147
What makes you think England think they are better than Scotland, you've just made that up! Scotland would not be leaving England anyway, that belies your prejudices, Scotland would be leaving the UK, get the facts right!
Anonymous says2013-06-28T23:14:08.830
I think scotland should become independent
Jellyfrog says2013-08-15T14:17:12.820
I'm so tired of prejudice against English people, the amount of snide comments I've got from Scottish people and then they go and make out like I'm in the wrong when I've lived in Scotland longer than I have England! Every single time England wins a football match against Scotland the whole of the English community has to go into hiding for a week if we don't want to be pelted with abuse I'm tired of it, just grow up alright
DavidCarter says2014-02-11T03:49:50.860
England is nothing without Scotland? Remind me who gets generous funding under the D'hondt formula? Ah yes, English taxpayers subsidising Scotland. Scotland would be worse off Independent. You have no clue what your currency arrangement will be and relying on North Sea oil is foolish because it will run out soon. Independence = high taxes. Good luck with that. The suggestion that England is scared it will run out of money is pretty daft. Like Scotland would have anything to give.
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