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Scottish independence is pointless.

  If Scotland became independent it would lose Royal Mail, the security services, the BBC and other British things. It's completely pointless. The only people who want an independent Scotland are rebellious teenagers and power-hungry politicians who want to have their own country. Scotland wouldn't last a year without the rest of the U.K.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T15:57:34.113
dont be daft...independance doesnt necessarily mean we build a big brick wall lol.....and if any of our current services are taken away...im sure we will be able to get our own or make deals with the English, only on fairer terms than the now English based government are allowing the Scots.
Anonymous says2013-03-23T22:33:48.173
If scotland doe not survive a year on its own will be under their own terms, not uk terms!
Anonymous says2013-04-06T02:20:58.477
Rebellious teenagers and power hungy politicians? Are you serious? The polls show that most young people are against independence (for instence I'm the only person in my year who supports independence) most of the people who support independence are older people. As for the "power-hungry politicians" all politicians are "power-hungry" you have to be to be sucsessfull.
sonofman says2013-04-08T21:55:18.260
The demographic of the average S.N.P voter is a man in his fifties , basically someone that lived through the thatcherite junta not a petulant teenager , facts don't seem to be important to the No campaign
Anonymous says2013-04-14T08:07:08.627
So, are you saying we are too stupid to create these services for ourselves?
Anonymous says2013-04-29T16:52:27.730
Not a politician so it's nice to know that in my fifties I'm a rebellious teenager - thanks.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T23:35:03.593
Think you should check Royal Mail is being lined up to be privatised and as for the BBC in Scotland , a BBC presenter interviews a BBC reporter -what a loss
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:17:55.907
We hate the BBC in Scotland. It is biased against Scotland
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T13:02:21.383
Garbage of the first class. If you look at the polls most youngsters are likely to vote NO. Us grown ups on the other hand who know what we're talking about and have seen what the UK have done to Scotland over the past 35 years are more likely to vote YES.
AndreaM says2014-06-22T19:56:37.260
The BBC and Royal Mail are no reason to stay in the Union. Read this and as a parent or child tell me how you could possibly vote anything but YES . http://www.businessforscotland.co.uk/where-does-scotlands-wealth-go/. This
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