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Sounds good on paper...

  I believe that Scotland could become independent but it wouldn't work. Yes we have oil, which will run out one day, whisky and renewable energy, but to create renewable energy companies get money from the government, could the Scottish government do this? I don't think they could. I am a young Scottish girl and when I'm older I don't want to go through the hardships of trying to make up for lost money from a failed idea that seemed good on paper and many people went along with so they could get Scottish on their passport instead of British. The country has enough finance problems being part of Britain and these will become worse if we are independent because we will be left to fend for ourselves. Yes we would be able to be part of the EU but you have to go through a long process of being accepted and have to meet all of the requirements. So all in all there are more cons than pros.
Andy-Mac says2013-03-16T18:40:12.393
Scotland already meets all the EU requirements - Scots law has been 100 compliant with all EU legislation for decades.

They're not going to kick us out. They need somewhere to fish.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T17:17:24.600
thats what i was about to say lol
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:57:19.460
Not to mention that there is also 18 months between a successfull independence referendum and independence day to sort out the issues - which the UK Govs own advisor said would be perfectly adequate.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T09:44:23.097
Do you want to be part of yet another generation of Scots dumped by an uncaring, unrepresentative Westminster government? You live in a potentially wealthy country. A wealth that has been hidden from Scots for generations, while the state tells us we are poor. As someone reaching 60 it saddens me that generations of our children have been so badly let down. It is time for change. We may never get another chance.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:07:05.093
Well young girl, I suggest you get out and do some research. Once you know all the facts, you may change your mind. The lost money you speak of? Its already been lost. Independence is the only way to recoup some wealth.
Anonymous says2013-05-02T13:28:37.147
Young Scottish Girl, Google the 1975 McCrone Report and read it, it's only 19 pages long but it will change your understanding of Scotland as a poor country. When you're done, Google John Jappy and read his words too. It's a lie that Scotland depends on subsidies.
Yes, our oil will run out one day, but that is why you bank your wealth in an oil fund just as Norway did. Norway has some £400 billion set aside for a rainy day; the population of Norway could pay 0% tax and the interest from their oil fund would keep their economy in surplus. The McCrone report confirms an Independent Scotland would have been the same, but the UK government has squandered the lot leaving Scotland in debt. We have enough oil to assure a better future for Scotland but we need control of our assets so the oil that is left isn't wasted by Westminster like it has been for 40 years.
Anonymous says2013-05-05T10:15:11.227
Please do some internet research; you will find that Scotland would be more than capable of financial success (even David Cameron admitted so). Google McCrone Report, Wings over Scotland, Newnet Scotland, National Collective, GERS Reports, Craig Murray and as much as possible. It will help you come to a balanced decision & you will be surprised & no doubt pleased you have done so.
golfmk4 says2014-02-16T20:20:11.790
I disagree I think the taxes would be less if scotland losses dont go complaining when the uk puts petrol gas prices up this is a chance for scotland to be a separate country lets go for it what have we to loose
Dscott_aberdeen says2014-03-12T03:44:12.050
Young Scottish Girl it is for you that ill vote yes, and my son and his sons and daughters and the sons and daughters of Scotland. For I have endured the lessons of history, I have watched dear friends of mine die because a Westminster government can just take the carpet from under you, even war veterans disabled during war, you'd think there would be a safety net. There is no safety net these days in the UK it's selfish politics for the benefit of the few, we are no longer a socialist country. Whilst I believe people need to stand on their own two feet as I do and all my family I also believe that we should help the poor and vulnerable in our society. That I believe is an increasingly Scottish view on things. We have been the testing ground for social reform time after time, and it's still happening. We can stand on our own two feet we must not become dependant on a London based economy because Scotland will die and your generation will have no option but to work down there, because the rest of the UK is being snuffed out by London policy makers. Please consider voting yes, it's a gamble for us all but then again so is staying in the union, the steaks are high! The sons and daughters of Scotland are the stake so let's all be sure why we are voting before we take that step.
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