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No no no!

  After reading the yes responses it seems that those saying yes are being very patriotic and are not considering the economy. It goes back to the whole "Scottish" not "British"...Scotland being independent means more taxes and more idiots like Alex Salmond with more power, sitting sipping his Champagne to celebrate while we will have to work harder to pay for his mess and lifestyle.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T16:05:30.667
if you dont like him..you vote him back out
Anonymous says2013-04-06T12:32:03.343
If the union is really working for the Scottish economy, why are all the jobs in London? What's the point of the union again?
sonofman says2013-04-08T21:08:28.800
Free prescriptions, free education for all and none participation in illegal wars. Its not just the scenery thats better this side of the border
Anonymous says2013-04-14T06:53:19.700
Scotland subsidisies the rest of the UK. Understand that, digest that fact. If Scotland was a drain, do you really think the present government in the UK would want to keep it? They have just sold the Search and Rescue Service to an American Company! If its not nailed down they are selling it. Don't you get it? Obviously you don't.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T15:43:23.510
Our greatest resource is being used to underpin casino banking and the London elite. Why dont we use it to build the post oil infrastructure and economy for Scotland instead by taking control of our own resources.
scotpol1314 says2013-04-29T19:22:33.110
Your attack on Alex Salmond shows you believe every politician is as corrupt as every Westminster politico.
Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are he only 2 politicians in the entire UK with positive poll ratings ,and this is after 6 years in government.
The lack of knowledge or understanding of the political situation in Scotland by those outside of Scotland is breathtakingly shocking.
This is one of the many reasons that an Independence movement ever began.
I fear a lot of Westminster politicians and media luvvies will have a lot of explaining to do when Scotland and her wealth walk out of the union.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T09:37:45.917
Osborne has crates of MOET delivered to 11 Downing St. While hammering the poor and disadvantaged. As a Scot I say no more!
Anonymous says2013-04-30T20:03:30.443
I am Scottish first, but I will still be British and European, after Independence (I will live on the British Isles inside Europe)

Scotland is my country however.
Dscott_aberdeen says2014-03-12T03:55:08.233
Yes, yes, yes, because London rule is selfishly for the benefit of Londoners alone.Because Scotland puts more in than it gets out fact. Because London has poured all the oil wealth down the drain I.e. Into London the land of milk and honey with underground stations paved with gold! Because I'm sick and tired of bending over and taking it from a Westminster parliament. Some people hate the Londoners I don't their just looking after their own interests, on the other hand we are ruled by Londoners looking after their own interests, it's a ..... State of affairs and all the no votes in the world won't change it.
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