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Scotland can be a fairer,more prosperous nation.

   Scotland more than pays her way in the UK. We get 9.3% of UK spending, but contribute 9.6% of UK taxes. We are in a stronger financial position than the rest of the UK, to the tune of £510 per person last year - that’s over £1000 for each Scottish household. As an independent country, this money would stay in Scotland. 4. Scotland already pays for all the government services we need as an independent country - we don’t have to start from scratch. However, the money will be spent in Scotland, rather than London, creating thousands of Scottish jobs.
Anonymous says2013-04-21T19:19:15.457
Yeah 9.6 percentputin which islike £56.4 mil but we get9.3 about £64 mil back numpty
Anonymous says2013-04-25T15:56:49.207
This deserves a big massive yawn! I take it you have the famous Salmond Braveheart calculator because that is the only place you would get numbers like that.

Furthermore, you are forgetting that as an independent state we will inherit our share of the UK debt.

Another naïve little yes voter who will no doubt be tongue wagging every time Alex Salmond comes on tv.
Anonymous says2013-04-26T16:24:11.550
I am Scottish and i study Modern Studies at Cults Academy known for its Modern Studies Department and we cannot afford Armed Forces or and are welfare system will be in shatters
Anonymous says2013-04-29T17:45:20.243
If we don't get independence we won't have a welfare system to protect in the first place.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T23:15:17.007
Hey student at Cults Academy, I am Scottish I studied economics at a real live university and I can tell you we can afford to run an effective armed forces and welfare system. In many respects better than the UK currently does. How about you go and find some facts after u have finished your homework for school tomorrow?
Scotbrit says2014-04-24T17:28:45.553
Hey Anonymous...Why don't you issue us with the figures and facts that prove all this? Aye, I'll give you time...
ThomasAnonymous says2014-08-28T17:40:57.850
Those figures are a load of rubbish. Look at the BBC's figures from the article 4 days ago. That 9.6% is from a massively inflated oil and gas revenue attributed to Scotland. If you actually distribute the revenue amongst the whole UK population, as is fair, then Scotland's figures are actually BELOW the UK's average taxes, despite having public spending 1% higher than average. Scotland contributed a £13 Billion pound deficit last year, and has been contributing negative revenue for many, many years.
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