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Scotland can be an independent nation, unification of their people will help them rise from poverty.

  Scotland is an idea, like America is. Having a political center will be unpopular, as much as the last time when the Lords had to sneak into the hall to sign documents in the middle of the night to become part of London and company. However small local governments are more accountable to their people and more inclined to do what they say.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T15:50:44.233
Scotland isnt an 'idea'....Scotland has existed and prospered well on its own in the past and hopefully will again in the near future.
Leviktuz says2013-06-30T06:38:32.050
America is a continent, not a country.
Victorian says2013-07-17T23:25:04.030
Please don't be obtuse Levitikuz. We all know perfectly well that "America" often refers to the United States
Anonymous says2013-07-28T21:15:17.120
Scotland and England have lived perfectly well together for the past 300 years, this move for independence has come out of nowhere and makes no sense at all!
Yeghishe says2014-08-10T17:56:36.207
Actually, Scotland has wanted independence for a long time and has only been given permission now by the English to hold a referendum. So, there has always been a move for independence, but was just a distant dream until now.
BrendanH says2014-08-26T05:54:11.710
Scotland should be allowed. But, there will be English backlash. I will never order Scottish product again. I shall find English Shortbread. I've found English Whisky. I shall lobby for all UK public services currently in Scotland to be 100% relocated to England resulting in huge job losses - over 8,000 for Faslane alone. The Yes campaign is making it all about the money... When the oil is gone there's no return....
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