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The grass isn't always greener but go ahead....

  You Scotts take all England's money and dish it out in benefits... Maybe England would be better off with out you! I wonder if once they become independent, if after a few years they'll realize that snuggling in the bosom of England wasn't so bad after all. Although independence is fun and life changing its always easier to live at home with mum who does all the washing and cooking. Scotland will be as broke as Spain (and England) if they venture out on their own. Good luck and good riddance.
LoriLYRICS says2013-03-22T15:40:58.090
folk like you are one good reason we want independance....how arrogant!....we do not get handouts from the English....if anything its you Tory lovers that are helping them in robbing us.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T02:00:44.930
I honestly fail to see how we are getting handouts from England, sure we get some money from Westminister for governing Scotland (the little we are aloud to do) but we actually pay more into the British economy than e get back. It seems to me that you Englishmen say we get "handouts" or we "scrownge" from England becasue we gt free prescriptions and no tuition fees, but that's just because our politicians know how to handle the economy.
Anonymous says2013-04-09T06:06:15.097
Total and utter typical English prat. Thinking they are above us yet again. No wonder we want independance..
scotpol1314 says2013-04-29T19:25:56.287
You are blissfully ignorant ........Perhaps i should just leave it as that , however you should be aware for the last 30 years Scotland has contributed more to English coffers than the ill perceived belief south of the border consult latest GERS for confirmation.
As i have said elsewhere a lot of Westminster politicians and media luvvies are going to have a lot of explaining to do to the ordinary English voter when Scotland secedes
hen.broon says2013-04-29T20:26:58.480
Anonymous says2013-04-30T19:52:04.197
Hahahaha thats the funniest post I read all week. I wanna go back to me mam!
Anonymous says2013-05-01T08:36:35.147
Haha this post is so funny
Anonymous says2013-05-01T16:37:26.527
This is the biggest load of tripe I have ever read and only serves to highlight the poster's total ignorance of Scots. I can't wait until plonkers like this find the remnants of their UK suffering destitution after Scotland breaks free. It will serve them right.
Anonymous says2013-05-03T00:17:31.100
I cant believe folk like this exist..........Amazing
Anonymous says2013-05-03T20:12:34.177
Ridiculous ! ...If you check any factual information you'll find out just how much nonsense this is ! .....It's the good people in England I feel sorry for, when they finally realise just how much WE are subsidising YOU and - just how little democracy you actually have in westminster.
Anonymous says2013-05-08T06:17:14.070
"Scotland will be as broke as Spain (and England) if they venture out on their own. Good luck and good riddance."

but you think we should stay shackled to England in spite of asserting its broke?
Yea rrrriiiiigggghhhhtttt (backing off slowly so as not to frighten cornered animal)
Anonymous says2013-05-20T16:01:51.947
Clearly written by someone who has no political knowledge . Scotland pays 9.6% tax and receives 9.3% in return. We also have a healthier GDP , Check the Gers report for 2013 that puts Scotland's finances in a stronger position than rUk . It's the other way around you see. Westminster has been funding the UK with Scottish gas and oil wealth and doesn't want to let go. Read the McCRone report. Only yesterday former Labour Chancellor Denis Healey admitted it.
Anonymous says2013-06-20T03:01:43
Scotland would be better off away from England as they nothing but chavy little scabs.
Anonymous says2013-07-01T00:25:37.663
So vocal, so igorant, so brave, so why so anonymous? This little Scot won't be running back to any English mummy!!!
kdesign says2014-01-02T22:26:04.680
Most ridiculous thing ive read in a long while....
Keith_Hynd says2014-02-02T14:02:22.017
First of all we are Scots not Scotts, and lastly go read some facts and then come back when you actually have a relevant point to put across, instead of the bunkum and bile I have just read.
jamiebeey says2014-02-02T17:58:44.170
England is the one in debt...
RobGordon35 says2014-02-02T19:26:42.787
Two questions the Conservatives/Brit-Nats will never ask; 1) Why do we have all but zero support in Scotland? 2) Why do an increasing number of Scottish people want Scotland to be Independent of Westminster and rUK?
irnbruman449 says2014-02-07T12:57:17.810
Only today the great British prime minister admitted he is proud to be English when he held his speech on Scotland's independence in the Olympic park why not in Scotland. The reason is because he knows he would not have the answers to the questions. He values your great country that is England so much that he puts the issues of a cricketer and pub opening hours before the flood issues of the country.MR IGnorant Englishman you should read facts and look at figures before spouting off or running back to mummy. One key fact that the prime minister has not told the people of England is that one key reason for not wanting Scotland to split is because the English folk will have to pay more to the nation's debt when the public debt is split. Also he states he hates bullying tactics is that why the naval contract proposed for Scotland will not be awarded until after the vote. Go home to your mummy and cuddle into her English boosom and tell her you have been a daft wee laddie.
alynn53 says2014-02-15T18:10:22.077
The Scottish people have been trying to break free from England for more than 500 years. I cannot see the benefit of Scotland, or Ireland for that matter, remaining under the umbrella of the United Kingdom any longer. They have come a long way from the primitive , undeveloped lands they once were and it is an insult to insinuate that the native peoples do not have the intelligence or ability to support themselves without oversight from England. They are expected to financially support the crown, and the royal family of England as well, and exactly what benefit do they see in return??? All these scare tactics about the currency are just that, tactics to keep them enslaved. The real reason for the uproar is that England needs the money from these countries to support is archaic way of life. What really needs to be addressed is the outdated monarchy and its permanent dissolution.
Scotlandforever says2014-04-30T12:48:29.980
Are you having a laugh? Where do you think England get their money?
Thegman says2014-08-26T13:23:37.597
Horrible attitude.
iajala98 says2014-09-25T19:28:46.630
Horrible horrible attitude, your mother didnt raise you well...
Rhett_Butler says2014-10-09T22:02:43.277
Great attitude. The Scots aim to be more 'multicultural' than you do, so their bag-pipes are going to fall off soon enough without the massive population of England to support them and maintain their pride in their heritage.
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