Should Scotland become independent from the UK?

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  • Scotland deserves Freedom :D

    "For as long as one hundred of us shall remain alive, we shall never in any wise consent submit to the rule of the English, for it is not for glory we fight, nor riches, or for honour, but for freedom alone, which no good man loses but with his life." -Robert the Bruce

    these are the words of Robert the Bruce a past King of Scotland, if you see these words from a king would you not expect the same from the common folk as well. We have always fought for independence.

  • If America became Independent from Britain than why can't Scotland break away from the uk

    This is why Scotland Shoud be Independent.
    1. New currency on money
    2. A new government
    3. New rights and freedoms
    4. Everybody has his or her own say in government
    5. We don't follow the Orders of the Queen
    6. We live by our own rules and laws
    7. We can make our own National banking
    8. We are not controlled by the UK
    9. Have our own say in the world
    10. All people of Different races and gender and color and language are treated equally
    now do you the movie Bravehart yah that's right it was about scotess Independence it had a clear message and that was fight for what's right and never give up when it is to hard work hard and accomplish for the only way is to FIGHT.
    And do you remember Les mis that the French Gained Independence from the king and they had to fight to get it but they prevailed at the end and got Independence so if the people of France got Independence from the king so will Scotland do the same thing when the people want Independence they will fight against the Queen and same thing will happen to the king of France he lost his power and died the same thing will happen to the Queen of the UK she will lose her power and die because of it this is where Scotland draws the line, this is what we stand for, it's time to have FULL INDEPENDENCE FROM THE UK

  • Scotland is already free.

    It's easy to watch Brave Heart and get all sentimental about an independent Scotland but the fact is that right now Scotland has the best of both worlds. It has all the benefits which come from being in the UK as well as having all it's devolutionary powers. Scottish MPs can vote on English matters but English MPs can't do the same in reverse. Yorkshire alone has a larger population than Scotland but doesn't have it's powers.

    England didn't conquer Scotland, a Scottish King took over England (James VI/I), the two countries have been partners for hundreds of years, why break up the happy family? Can't we stay together for the sake of Wales?

    I think separating the two countries will be very difficult, expensive and risky. If Scotland leaves then it will destabilize NATO for one thing. Scotland will probably have to join the cue behind Serbia to join the EU, it'll be an economic disaster especially when Scotland can't count on UK support.

  • Scotland Should Stay!

    Scotland and England were joined in the Union of the Crowns when James VI/I took over the throne of England and Ireland after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. Then were further unified in the Union of 1707 when the Kingdoms of Scotland and England were joined together to create the singular kingdom of Great Britain, England for lack of a better word 'saved' Scotland from economic crisis. This dispels the belief that England brutally took over Scotland, which Pro-Scottish independence figures seem to rely on.

    Another fact is that Braveheart is not fact but rather fictional. By this I mean that the film makes a compelling case for Scottish independence but the fact is the Scots aren't in the dire situation they were then. Although Edward Longshanks treated the Scots poorly, they are now treated equally in a fair and just society the same as the rest of the United Kingdom. They also have a successful economy as do the rest of the UK. England and Scotland have displayed probably the most successful union in history.

    Another fact is that there is simply no point for Scotland to leave the UK. Although reports have been published, giving insight and information if Scotland did turn independent, I and many others find them very difficult to believe as in one way or another they are most probably siding with either the 'Yes' or 'No' campaigns. However one thing that many independent investigations and other specialists such as economists agree on is that is Scotland leave they will be pretty much in the same economic situation as they are in now and not better off as Alex Salmond seems to keep promising. However nothing can be dead sure unless it actually happens as fine details are yet to be decided and information to be found out, such as whether Scotland will keep the pound or how much oil is left in the North Sea. All of these extra details and information will greatly affect the outcome of the referendum.

    Another point Alex Salmond keeps playing upon is how English politicians are ruining Scotland and that Westminster and people in London should have no choice on what happens in Scotland, however the simple fact is that the Scottish parliament already control the majority of what's going on in Scotland, such as the Scottish NHS. This once again proves that even if Scotland do decide to go independent not much is going to change.

    Now, the outcome of the referendum will not be just decided on economics and politics but on the notions of the heart, no matter how cheesy this may sound, it is true. The Scottish people will decide by their own opinions and emotions on the independence of Scotland, I do believe that Scottish culture, heritage and history should be celebrated and revered as it should for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    However, I believe it will be a sad day when the Union of England and Scotland ceases to exist.

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