• The opposite of Clooney.

    Getting the most recognizable actors they could find, marked the cancellation of the franchise (concluding on arguably the worst movie ever sent to theaters; Batman & Robin).

    As any comic fan will tell you, Batman is the primary personality; Bruce Wayne is the mask. Therefore casting should focus on Batman first, and he's one of the world's best fighters.

    While Scott Adkins was not enduring to audiences last time he was in a Superhero movie, few would recognize him as Deadpool in Wolverine Origins; and then only for his physique and skill. Those two things are exactly what Batman needs; even more so if based on skill and a few gadgets he's going to be taking on Superman (or even holding his own next to him).

  • Scott Adkins rules!

    He's handsome, He is fearsome. . . And he definitely know how to kick asses!

    We'd have the best Batman fights to date with this skilled martial artist which is spectacular, Accurate and very charismatic at the same time.

    The camera loves him and he definitely is the right man for the role.

  • I agree Scott Adkins for batman

    Because he is a good martial artist and he could play a good batman also he can adapt into the character they want Warner brothers want him to be. He has played in movies where he has been subjected to many roles where has been put to the limit. He would be the better and ideal character.

  • Adkins for Batman

    He's got the looks of Bruce Wayne the fighting skills of Batman. He can act out anger and pain. Get him an acting coach if he stumbles,I'm sure he can learn the chops he lacks and therefore pull off an amazing version of Batman. Hell, the guy practically is Batman already. Work with him Warner Brothers don't just toss him aside cuz you don't think he can do it.

  • Without a doubt Scott is the Guy

    How about a real fighter for a change that can have close up work done during any fight sequence and convince the audience beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are watching some extraordinary skills being displayed for a superhero we want to believe is the best fighter in the world. He's capable of exposing more upside to his acting chops being surrounded by very talented people that can bring the Bruce Wayne out of him and he speaks intelligently as that we all know we are talking about the worlds greatest detective and strategist. I guess the laziest answer is he's a Brit...Like all the latest superheros. Here is a thought....Audiences are getting smarter constantly. Stop trying to CGI us in a fight or "shaky cam" us to believe the action when we could be blown away by a really skilled fighting artist. It's BATMAN....So get a clue and bring him to life without Hollywood magic. Trust that the right part for this guy can propel his acting prowess several levels. He could be a potential Superstar. But what do I know since we moviegoers don't know enough about movie making to have a serious opinion. But I will say this "He may not be the hero this fan base deserves..But he is the one we need".

  • Was Born Batman

    He was literally born to play Batman. In every single one of his movies, the character he plays has at least some portion of Batman in him. He's been playing the character all his life! And he's a great actor(watch Undisputed 3 or Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning). He's built like Batman, looks like Batman, had traumatic events happen to him as a child that caused him to really want to change his life for the better and work out and learn martial arts... HE'S BATMAN! Literally in every sense. He's Batman. Warner Bros, what's wrong with you? HIRE HIM ALREADY!

  • Scott for batman

    He's fighting skill he looks like Bruce wayne he got the greedy thing going on the deep voice and he can act don't believe watch his movies..Hes just batman he can do his own stunts already in shape him and Henry cavill would work perfect together..Please Ppl vote Scott adkins for batman

  • Perfect Choice For Batman!

    He can actually move and fight like Batman. He is relatively unknown so it would be easier to believe him as Batman. He looks just like Bruce Wayne. Watch clips of him from Undisputed and Ninja. He has the right voice and physicality. He was fantastic in Universal Soldier 4.

  • Looks, discipline, character

    Scott Adkins has the looks of Bruce Wayne, he can fight, he is about the right age for batman role, he's flexible, he has the build of a comic book character, acting experience, diligence, energy ambition, strength , he will the best choice to portray batman as a bad ass superhero

  • Scott Adkins for Batman

    Batman is a Martial arts Master and so is Scott Adkins. Scott has all the right moves to fight like Batman. Scott Adkins fits Bruce Wayne character. In comics Superman is 2 inches taller than Batman but Batman is 6'2" in comics and Scott is 6 even. Cavil would still be a little taller than Scott so it would make sense. Scott for Batman beats Brolen and the other pretty boys any all day. Scott can really fight and the others cant.

  • Cant act for S***

    This guy is the most wooden actor I have ever seen on the screen. Yes he has the moves for batman but he would make an awful bruce wayne. Better to get a good actor with a good stuntman than to get a good stuntman to be your actor. Bam

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Ragnar says2013-07-31T07:59:29.093
If no, please suggest someone else for comparison.
Anonymous says2013-07-31T21:47:44.013
Hey guys there is an online petition for Scott to be selected as Batman for more info check out #Adkinsforbatman or scott adkins for batman on facebook we need all the help we can get to get Warner Brothers attention.