• Yes, why shouldn't it be?

    Having taught Scripture in the local public school first I want to address a couple of misconceptions. Children don't have to go to Scripture classes, it is the parents choice. Also, WHICH Scripture class they attend is also the parent's choice, be it Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Islamic, depending on what is available at that child's school, based on the availability of volunteers to teach the different religions. The responses I have read seem to suggest that some people think that Scripture in school is purely that of the Christian religion and Bible based. While the word Scripture does refer to the Holy Bible, it has come to mean more than just that when talking about Scripture in School. I cannot think of a good reason why it should be removed from schools. All of the subject matter taught in Scripture encourages children to become responsible, sensitive, contributing citizen and discourages bullying. How can that be a bad thing? If removal of Scripture is based on it being considered controversial, than sport should be removed too since children will support different teams and therefore disagree. It is healthy to learn how to have differing opinions and still appreciate one another as human beings. God made us to be individuals.

  • Yes!! Why wouldn't we?

    The United States was founded on the principles of The Holy Bible. It is a form of literature and can share the Gospel at the same time. It has been taught in schools for centuries. We let students read about fiction novels so why not a nonfiction book that shares truth. "For I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one can come to the Father except through me." (John 14:6) We have the right to speak about it.... We, as Christians, are told to go out and spread the news of Christ and make more disciples and schools are a GREAT battlefield.

  • Even though I was raised in a religious home, the answer is no

    Not everyone is a christian, so teaching them scripture should be a no-no

    I do say they can add religious classes for whatever religion, but to teach it in the core required classes will be seen as shoving it down people's throats, thus unacceptable

    If people want to learn scripture, there's church

  • Scripture only supports Christianity , the ONE RELIGION

    The Scripture is from the Bible, right? Most of the people in the world are Christians. The class based on it will not give people free views of the world. That class only exists in a fundamentalist country with cries of "GOD IS GREAT!" Fundamentalism based on this will pollute our minds of religious evil.

  • Too many people are forced into religion

    If you're religious, it's most likely because your parents were too, and that's how they raised you. If you were born to a family of a different religion, or of atheists, you would've grown up like them too, until you're old enough to start questioning and exploring. Too many children are brought up with religion being stuffed down their throats.

    Let them make their own choices, when they're old enough to properly think about it.

  • No, scripture should not be taught in school.

    Schools are becoming more and more non religious and traditional. This takes scripture out of the educational curriculum because it is becoming a controversial topic that makes many students uncomfortable when it is a part of the learning process. This is why scripture should not be taught in schools today.

  • Scripture should not be taught in school.

    While the United States was founded upon the principles of the Bible, I believe we've grown into a country that is no longer tied to one religion. Therefore for the sake of the greater good, church and school should remain explicitly separate. If our educational system were to adhere to one religion, it would have a more negative response from the greater population.

  • If I wanted my kids taught religion, I would take them to church

    It is unfair to spend the taxpayer dollars of non-religious or different denominations of religious folk to force feed them religious studies. As well, there is an awful lot in 'scripture' that is inappropriate for children to begin with, even if you take out the religious indoctrination part.

    Plain and simple, school is for learning academically, spiritual learning is a private pursuit that is not compatible. It is also a minefield when you have a class full of kids who all have different beliefs.

    But hey, maybe I will drop by the school with the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster, and try to get them to teach the theory of intelligent falling to all of the kids. Have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

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