Should sea mammals be released from entertainment parks and into their natural environments?

  • Of Course! Are you Crazy?!?

    They aren't treated right, and even if they are set free they wont be able to survive out in the regular ocean any more. Would you want to be held captive in a bathtub and separated from your family? Everyone should agree with this! But I guess not. I guess our amusement is more important they their lives.

  • Hullo? Are you crazy?

    This should be illegal! Again, if you have ever watched Blackfish, you would see how much they suffer. Compared to the great waters of the oceans, the swimming pool in Seaworld/Marineland/Sealand is like a bathtub! What would you do if you were trapped inside a bathtub for 25 years? Probably go crazy. -.- THEIR LIFESPANS SHORTEN!

  • Release The Mammals!

    If you've ever seen the film Blackfish, then you will see the effects of marine animal captivity. The main focus on the documentary is on the orcas in Sea World and how captivity has enraged them and the devastating effects on the trainers' safety. You would also get to see the psychological effects of animal captivity.

  • Entertainment parks are fine

    Animals are here for us to eat and for our amusement. What other purpose do they serve? God said he made humans in his own image and animals for us. It does not get much clearer than that. It's time we take God seriously and start to feel good about our role.

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