Should Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman support his teammate Marshawn Lynch?

  • A coach should be a coach

    Now with that being said, there are limitations to where a coach should coach and not baby sit. With regards to this player, is shouldn't matter. Whether your player has done something illegal, not showed up to practice, or is injured, a coach should always support and try to fix what is broke.

  • Richard Sherman should support his teammate Marshawn Lynch.

    Richard Sherman should support his team mate Marshawn Lynch. The media is known for being cruel and condescending. Every player should have the right to opt out of speaking to the media. The NFL fine for $50,000 was excessive and a change should be made to protect their basic rights.

  • Richard Sherman's Support

    I believe that Marshawn Lynch shouldn't have had been fined for not talking to news reporters, or known other as the media. The media twists stories around all the time to make them juicy, and interesting, and they could have had lied about what Marshawn said. I am on Richard Sherman's side, because I see his point, and so should many other people.

  • Yes, Richard Sherman should absolutely support his teammate Marshawn Lynch.

    These days, with all of the options available to individual professional athletes, the concept of a team sport sometimes gets lost in the mix. The average player changes teams so much, that it's difficult for teams to form a real bond before they're split up. But if you look at all or most of the great teams in sports history, all of them were precisely that: a team. So, if the Seahawks hope to return to any of their former glory, Richard Sherman should be supporting Marshawn Lynch, at least publicly, even if he has personal differences with him.

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