• Both are trash.

    Both of these activities are useless. The only thing we should focus on is fortnite cause fortnite is lit and we can play professional gaming for a living. That makes way more money than either jobs. I want to be like ninja and tfue and tsm myth because i just want to play fortnite all day. Bye. Got to go play fortnite.

  • You Can't Play Soccer When You are 80

    Part of the purpose of school is to educate people into lifelong habits such as learning. While athletics can be good, music and the visual arts are even better because they can be practiced even when a person is quite old and frail. Unlike athletics, the fine arts also don't lead to injuries or, in the case of football, early-onset dementia from too many concussions.

  • I think that

    If we were to support the fine arts I think that it would bring in more money and give more education to students it would also decrease the number of injuries in sports because they're supporting the fine arts so if that were to happen we could benefit greatly to that

  • Yes, the arts are my life.

    It's fun to watch a game once in a while but you will never make a career out of it. It's expensive and overrated. Why sign yourself up for a sport when the arts have so much more to offer. Take my advice and the arts will change your life as they did mine!

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  • Fine Arts promote creativity

    The fine arts SHOULD be valued over athletics because promoting creativity is something public schools don't do enough of. Some high schools and colleges require that you take a fine arts class, I most definitely agree with this because the fine arts are supposed to be fun and you don't need any athletic ability to be able to draw, play an instrument, or act. It should also be noted that China (who is the top academically advanced country in the world right now) Requires fine arts classes. Test Scores are scientifically shown to improve if a student is taking a fine arts class vs. Not.

  • I think it should

    Fine arts have been proven to help you perform better in school and help you develop motivation and teamwork. Sports teach people that winning is the only thing that matters and the fine arts share a goal that the entire group can accomplish. People say that the fine arts does no exercise whatsoever. In marching band, not only are you physically challenging your body, but you are also mentally challenging your brain to accomplish what needs to be done on the field. You are counting, marching, playing your instrument, moving your fingers, and the list goes on! Show choir is another example of this, you are singing, dancing, and counting at the same time. There are so many other things that also use physical activity.

  • Fine Arts Saved my Life

    It has been proven that kids that are involved with any kind of arts, if it is band, art, theater, choir, etc. tests score are higher. If you are in fine arts then you are expected to be places on time and are more wanted for jobs because people know they will work hard. They are also more creative.

  • Fine Arts over Athletics

    They are both equally weighed out. You can get a scholarship from both... But what happens when you fracture your leg and you can't play sports ever again? Your whole career is going down the drain... And do you have a back-up plan? No because you thought that specific sport was going to last you forever.

  • The scales are balanced

    I think they should be valued the same because both of them can have the same outcome. You can get a college scholarship with both. You can have two career choices one your main and one the back up , and both have competition. This is why they don't need to be valued differently .

  • No No No

    Fine arts are gay. Fine arts are gay. Fine arts are for people with no lives who think they are better then everyone such as Georgia. Dumb bitch thinks she is better then everyone because she's in the play like come on no one f***ing goes to those besides your parents. F***ing Loser

  • Education and sports

    Schools have more than 40,000 injuries each year. Sports can give you scoloarships and trophies. But sports can also be a distraction due to school and education,because it can easily affect the mind into worrying about sports more than school. I think that schools should not value the fine in arts over athletics.

  • Art should not be taken over athletics.

    The U.S. is the third most obese country in the world. We need to have our exercise. I know we can go outside when we are at home but sometimes people cant go outside. Athletics are fun and help people communicate and get a lot of exercise and fresh air. You also learn different exercises.

  • Sports over Fine Arts

    Sports should be used over Fine Arts because sports are a good source of physical activity and exercise for our body. Sports also help you get good scholarships for college. Sports are a good source of fun also, so in your spare time you could go outside and kick or shoot a ball

  • Anything is ok

    It doesn't matter what you choose to do both are time consuming and they both make school fun for kids some say sports are a waste of time but i say that sports and art are needed. It seems like neither one is important but here a thought everyone needs teachers will never have time to plan for a day will they. Sports arent everything.

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  • The U.S. wasn't made for That

    Athletics teach you a lesson, other than Fine Arts when you just making stuff. The Secondary Education in the U.S shouldn't vale Fine Arts over Athletics. You wanna know why? Because that's what the U.S is, don't try to fit in to some other State, that your not. All the people that agreed with that claim y'all are trying to ruin the U.S. by changing, I'm not letting that happen to my future Children, or my Future Grandchildren, and so on.

    The U.S. is it's own State, not no other. Just like Virginia, they have their own ideas, and we the U.S. has our own ideas, not nobody Else's ideas. The pain that some people has, with the hatred of the U.S. hurts me. We don't have to be all perfect like the other States, like one big happy family, they aren't perfect, then why should we be perfect.

    Now I do agree with my opponents, about we should explore arts, BUT, not everybody likes Arts, I mean What if someone died, and loved arts... You would have to respect their family. Not many people would be interested in Arts anyway, like Mona Lisa, who cares she was made during the time period of 'The Renaissance'. We only care about Sports that is the main thing in The U.S. that we talk, play,sing, about.

    Athletics is more better than Fine Arts, they shouldn't over power fine arts over athletics. Why well, look over, these paragraphs, the U.S. is the U.S..

  • Schools in the US should not value Fine Arts over athletics. Athletics keep kids active and build up self esteem.

    Not only do athletics keep students physically active but they make them have a healthy mental mindset. The sports offer opportunities for students to learn values of team work, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community. Participating in sports or other forms of physical activity can help children maintain a healthy weight of the 1718 students in the study 498 were considered overweight (29%) based on body mass index measurements.
    Researchers have found that physical activities play a particularly powerful role in strengthening physical self- esteem and self-worth. Especially during the ages of early adolescence your self-esteem seems to drop an you feel more and more useless. A study in Switzerland found that adolescents who participated in sports clubs had greater well being, including being more socially adjusted and genuinely more happy about there lives.
    In conclusion Athletics should be valued over fine arts because It provides higher self esteem within students and obesity levels to drop.

  • They shouldn't value fine arts over athletics.

    Athletics help students reduce stress and if they do not have athletics in some schools the students will be without athletics in their life. And athletics increase feeling of physical and mental well-being. A quot by John Wooden legendary UCLA basketball coach states 'sports do not build character. They reveal it.'

  • What would happen to the U.S?

    The U.S should not value Fine Arts over athletics because if we don't have sports what would happen to the U.S? Almost everybody loves sports! Without them what would we do? People from all around the world gather around to watch sports and if we didn't have sports that would be ruined. Americans look forward to sports. We would be different without sports. That's why I think we should not value fine arts over athletics.

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conservativelogic says2014-03-06T02:55:30.503
Why can't it value skills actually have real value in society and will contribute to the economy.

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