Should secondary school students be able to read literature that has been banned?

  • Books shouldn't have been banned in the first place.

    Each book has a reason for it to be made, parents just don't agree with that, anything that is deemed inappropriate in their eyes makes them want to ban a book, but what happens when their child is in that situation? Sure some are fantasy and action you think won't happen but life is full of mysteries. I've heard a book being banned because it was focused on true facts of the past that were deemed unfitting. We only learned from mistakes of the past and ideas of both past and presents, if you don't allow children to read what always teaches them through words, you are limiting the child's own mindset and imagination, a crucial thing in life through my perspective, so yes, children should still be able to read books, banned or not.

  • Children aren't as 'impressionable' as people seem to think.

    I believe that it is very important for children to be allowed to read banned literature for the very reason that it is banned, because it is controversial. Children don't need to be protected and coddled as much as everyone seems to think that they do, especially once they reach high school. A very important part of being in high school is forming your own worldview and learning to understand the more complex sides of what is right and wrong. Nobody said that these students should be forced to read banned literature, only that it should be available to read if a student decides that they want to occupy their time using the material in question. The simple problem to younger children finding I think would be to put it in the care of the librarian, or in a room that only kids in grades 10-12 have permission to access, and put a lock on the door so they need a teacher's key to enter. Literature is made to be read, and I don't think that limiting teens options based on the assumption of them being 'young and impressionable' is a very fair decision.

  • Allow Students To Have a Full Library and Make Their Own Decisions

    I believe that High School Students and up should be allowed to read literature that has been banned, because when you stop and think about why certain books were banned, you would be correct in concluding that it is a form of book censorship by individuals who have decided that it is not fit for you or I to read, which I absolutely disagree with.

    Very often literature is banned because of some individuals/governments political, religious, and/or moral beliefs that they are trying to impose on their societies. While some of the material maybe controversial, I believe that the students should have the opportunity to read, and arrive at their own conclusions.

  • Yes, secondary school students should have the freadom to read banned literature.

    I believe that secondary school students should have the freedom to read what they feel compelled to read. One exception I have is that if an item is discovered to be harmful to others, then it should not be carried in a campus library. However, if a book is banned from a country for trivial reasons, then it should still be allowed in the school.

  • It's banned for a reason

    If the literature has been banned, it's normally for a reason, and what is that reason... To protect our students and children. Schools would not make choices for their children unless they felt that it was in their absolute best interest, you've got to at least give them that much credit. We don't wasn't negative influences on our children, especially when they could be taken so seriously. It is for their safety, not ours.

  • Censorship is not always safe.

    Younger children may be influenced by the books that they pick up. They may see things that shouldn't be seen at their age and maturity level. Censorship is important for the safety of littler children, but also older children as well. They may pick up a book that may suggest or describe bad things.

  • It is unsafe

    Kids should not be able to see everything this world has to offer. They could be scared or feel unsafe. It if for the safety of these kids. I feel it is important that we respect parent's personal opinions as well. Plus, younger kids may be influenced by the books they pick up. We want all good influences.

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