Should secret service agents undergo routine drug and alcohol testing?

  • Yes, Secret Service agents should be required to undergo routine drug and alcohol testing

    Yes, routine drug and alcohol testing should be a requirement for Secret Service agents. Members of the Secret Service are very important to our national security and should be held to the highest standards. A drug or alcohol abuse problem could compromise an agent's ability to protect our elected officials, and this could have disastrous results.

  • Secret Agents Tested?

    Alright world what are we thinking? When you are protecting the world, and you are held responsible for the president, and vice president, the White House, yes you need to get tested, because you have to be on call at all times, you gave all that up when you took the responsibility, to defend and protect, while you are on the clock. But we need you to stand your part and protect, because the minute that something happens, it falls in you hands. Your responsibility is more than what you think, there is nothing wrong with taking a drink, but do that on your own time, because you all are stress to. But at the same time there is a time and place for it all. Be responsible.

  • Yes, secret service agents should undergo routine testing for drugs and alchol.

    Yes, in a world where nearly everyone is subject to pre-employment and random drug screens it shocks me to think that secret service agents wouldn't. If the person who is scanning my groceries at Wal-Mart has been drug tested then the people responsible for the life of my president certainly should be drug tested.

  • They choose this life, they must submit

    Secret Service agents understand the life into which they go. They are willing to submit themselves to scrutiny, violence, and to give their own life if need be. As this job is so incredibly important, these men and women must of course be trustworthy, and tested regularly to make sure of such.

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